Oregonians for Peace rally

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV)- A group gathered in downtown Portland calling to end the riots so healing and progress can begin.

The event Oregonians for Peace was held in Waterfront Park on Saturday.

Organizers say their message is not in opposition to any group it's simply to show that many people stand against racism, abuse of power and violence including against police officers.

"I see people from all different sides of the political spectrum, I recognize some people, and they've all agreed just to come down here for a day and say can we just stop yelling at each other? Can we start rooting for each other inside of yelling at each other," Eric Post of Oregonian for Peace said. “There is no movement more powerful than to recognize they can create peace in another human being."

While organizers say they want officials to step in and end the riots they don't want to return to the status quo either.

Instead they're calling for unity so the community can work toward racial equality together.

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Frederick Fukov

I just wish Trump would go ahead and nuke Portland. The world would be better off.


This is what happens when morons are allowed to vote. They put people in office who are on the side of criminals. It's the liberal way of doing things. Create a problem, then blame it on the Republicans.


The Seattle Times has linked this group - Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front - as being the agitators of the trouble happening in Portland.


'Oregonians for Peace' rally calls for end of rioting so healing can begin' The Seattle times links this group - Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front - to a lot of the trouble going on downtown.

pb sir

These rioters are not interested in "peace."

The rioting will not end until enough of them get their rear ends kicked, at which point they will eventually go away. They seem to have declared war on the Federal Courthouse now, and that will not end well. Not sure that I feel very sorry for the guy with the head injury... if you play with fire, at some point, you may get burned.

Eliza Cassan

The police and feds have done zero rioting, hopefully they know that.


Drinking Kool aid again, huh? Where have you people been during the 45 days of rioting? NOW you want the violence to end?? 45 days and Kate Brown, Ted Wheeler, Hardesty, Wyden, Kotek and Merkley don't do SQUAT! Rioter's attack a Federal Officer and in ONE DAY, Trump put's the hurt of a rioter. One day and He makes a difference. All the others had 45 days to act but zero action. Thanks Democrats

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