PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - An organization that conducts independent police oversight and reviews will look into the culture at the Portland Police Bureau, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty announced Thursday.

The mayor's office says the city signed a contract with OIR Group to conduct an "independent, outside investigation into potential racial bias, political bias, and resistance to change" within the bureau.

The investigation comes after an "unauthorized and inappropriate release of information that falsely identified" Hardesty as a hit-and-run suspect in early March, according to the mayor's office.

OIR group, which is already investigating the leaked information, will also conduct a broader look at the bureau's culture.

According to the mayor's office, the group will investigate:

  • Racial Bias: Are the Police Bureau’s policies, culture, or actions influenced by racial bias? If so, what is the extent of any racial bias, what are the root causes of any racial bias, and what are the best practices to addresses those root causes?
  • Political Bias: Are the Police Bureau’s policies, culture, or actions influenced by political bias? If so, what is the extent of any political bias, what are the root causes of any political bias, and what are the best practices to address those root causes?
  • Resistance to Change: Are the Police Bureau’s policies, culture, or actions resistant to change sought by the community? If so, what is the extent of that resistance, what are the root causes of that resistance, and what are the best practices to address that resistance?

OIR Group is set to deliver their full report no later than Dec. 31, 2021.

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(13) comments

Tyrell Higgs

Political Bias? Yes the Police Commissioner is full of bias, Ted Wheeler!


Racial bias? NO, it's criminal bias! I wrote about this yesterday but KPTV censors didn't like the fact that I told a story of a Policemen from 40 years ago who worked out of Central Precinct and walked a beat. He came to know who would cause trouble and who didn't. Racial bias, not in those days just experience bias. People who argue, get smart, back talk and run from Police cause the grief that's brought upon them. They deserve it as a child who disregards his parents warning gets spanked. Sorry KPTV censor, I know this isn't that left leaning drivel that appeases you but facts speak for themselves. Anytime you all wants to ride with a Policeman and witness the rude garbage that they get from dirt bags on the street, have fun.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

I have come to hate the City of Portland, and everything about it.


What are the odds this "independent" review comes back saying "Nope, everything looks great". The questions might as well be replaced with "Are there human beings working in the PPB?". When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail.

pb sir

Gosh, I wonder what this "outside investigation" company will come up with... to justify their $150K contract, maybe they'll be like the Feds and, after reviewing a paltry few incidents (out of thousands of police to citizen contacts over several years), will conclude that there's a "pattern or practice" of something or other... this will then add fuel to the fire for Hardesty and the other police haters to cut the budget even further... for the good citizens of Portland, you are watching the destruction of law and order (by your elected officials) right before your very eyes...


im disappointed in any officer that would stay.


This coming from the most hypocritical, racist, bigoted city officials. Laughable.


What a bunch of tools. When there are no more cops, who will Hardesty call when she gets into an argument with her Uber Driver?


Let me guess the bureau is filled with white supremacists and if they arent far left they are considered n4zis. Portland is such a joke it's no wonder so many people have left the bureau since last spring. Who needs the police anymore we got Park Rangers and social workers on patrol now! Liberal utopia!

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

The was NO "leak". Hater Hardesty was ID'ed by the reporting victim. This study is just the latest weapon being launched upon the PPB. And you can bet the haters will get the results they want since this is a PAID study.

Delta Bravo

The "thought police" have arrived.


'Organization to conduct independent investigation into potential racial, political bias within PPB' .. Then look no further than Wheeler and Hardesty. They are the problem.


I agree with you for sure, but do you ALWAYS have to start your comments with quoting the article? I think we know what it says.

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