HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV) – The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating a workplace death at a solar panel manufacturing facility in Hillsboro.

Family confirms 27-year-old Theodore Erickson died days after he fell at SunPower in Hillsboro. 

OSHA confirms it’s investigating the fall that happened at SunPower while Erickson was working for Complete Recycling & Demolition LLC.

Erickson’s mother, Holly Heidmann, tells FOX 12 last week it was his first day on the job, but within an hour, she says he fell from some kind of portable stairs.

That investigating a spokesman says could take up to six months.

“We don't know how but ended up from being up in that on the concrete floor,” Heidmann said. “It happened right away in the morning, we're told.”

Heidmann says her son suffered severe head trauma and was confirmed brain dead.

She says he was kept alive for several days because he was an organ donor.

“They got matches for all his organs,” she said. “All his organs were pristine, like really good for donating. So, five other lives were saved on Sunday.”

She says his eyes were donated for science and his tissue will help burn victims.

“He would want to have you looking at the good in it,” Heidmann said. “Even though it's a horrifically bad thing, but five other people on Sunday got the opposite news we did.”

Heidmann says Erickson moved to Oregon from Minnesota eight months ago for optometry school at Pacific University in Forest Grove.

The university held a vigil in Erickson’s honor Monday night.

She says he had every intention of staying out west and was always positive.

“He was legally blind but going to optometry school that gives you an onset of a little bit of the mindset of this man,” Heidmann said.

A young man, she says, who was just about to reap the benefits of years of hard work, gone suddenly without many details about what happened at a solar panel manufacturing facility in Hillsboro.

“It's just hard to wrap my head around why,” she said. “There's questions and that's all we just want to find out.”

She says the family retained a lawyer and is looking into possible litigation. 

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