KELSO, WA (KPTV) –More than 20 vehicles were damaged overnight in the North Kelso area, according to Kelso Police Department.

Many of the cars had at least one tired slashed or punctured.

"I got in the truck to go to work, and I noticed the truck was definitely driving different," Seth Eschbacher said. "I had a flat tire, so did my girlfriend, two flats on her vehicle as well doggone it! three flat tires one day- the slasher!"

The vandal hit cars on Harris Street North to Division Street all the way from the Cowlitz River East to Ross Avenue.

Over 20 vehicles tires slashed, punctured overnight in Kelso

KPTV Image

Neighbors FOX 12 talked to say while they sometimes see people wandering through the neighborhood at night, this isn't the norm.

"A lot of people just looking to go to work, make their daily living, get inconvenienced by something like a flat tire," he said. "I was number 15 evidently! How many more beyond that number 11 and 13 drove by when I was doing it, and they were nice enough to say hi."

Eschbacher said he's going to be set back about $600 and hopes whoever did this hopefully learns from it all and doesn't do it again.

Kelso police are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious last night to give them a call. They're also asking anyone who lives in the area to check their security cameras if they have them for any suspicious activity.

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It looks like they not only slashed the tires but they cut the rims off of the car in the photo.

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