PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Students at the Cottonwood School in South Portland returned to the classroom on Monday.

Parents said they're concerned about the pandemic and any possible tear gas residue from demonstrations that happened near the school over the year.

Video from Independent Media PDX taken on Saturday shows plywood used to board up the building on fire. On Monday, a much different story as students returned to the classroom for hybrid learning. Students were not be allowed to play on the playground while the school tested the playground soil.

On Monday afternoon, parents rallied and called on the federal government to do something to help.

Parents concerned about possible tear gas residue left behind at school after weekend demonstration

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"Schools should be a chemical weapons-free zone. cottonwood is committed to making sure our students are safe at school," Amanda McAdoo said. "If DHS uses chemical weapons now that school is back in session, we may have to reclose for testing and further cleaning. our families and our students have been through enough this year."

Cottonwood School, the Multnomah County Commissioners and Oregon's Congressional Delegation members, have demanded that federal agencies not use tear gas or any chemical munitions here.

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Moved on

move back to cali.

who put there kids in private school anymore


Perhaps the parents should have voted in a government that would have stopped the riots and negated the need for tear gas.


So you don't want the police to protect people and property?


Unspent munitions, be they bullets or pepper ball's need to remain the responsibility of the agency who fired them... NOT children who's play ground may have been the location of civil unrest/rioting. The fact that the feds left those unspent items behind IS A PROBLEM they must account for allowing to occur. Accountability.


The solution is to arrest and prosecute all the rioters.

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