BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) – Hundreds of parents turned out at Five Oaks Middle School to voice their concerns and frustrations with proposed boundary changes in the Beaverton School District.

An advisory committee meeting was held at the school Thursday night, where committee members discussed the two proposed boundary changes, called Map A and Map C.

The proposals have parents divided, with each map changing where students would attend school, and in some cases add commute times.

The committee discussed the maps for over an hour, before opening the floor to parent representatives of each of the district’s 13 elementary schools.

“Both map A variances show Stoller overcrowded,” said one parent. “Please choose Map C 2.0. Our community and the district deserves a solution that is long term.”

“We really hope that by looking at all these factors, you just pick Map A for Springville,” said another parent to loud applause.

The biggest issue facing many families is walkability to school.

The district says it’s trying to balance boundary lines with a new middle school that opens in 2021 and overcrowding at Stoller Middle School. They say they need to reduce the number of students at that school by about 600.

A large amount of frustration is coming from parents of students at Springville.

“We are worried. If our voices are not being heard, then maybe due process is not being followed,” Radha Muddo, who has two children at Springville, said.

Muddo said nearly 80 Springville parents showed up tonight to get their point across.

“We’ve made some posters, we have some shirts to talk about our issue and we’ve just shown up,” Muddo said.

Their biggest concern is with Map C, which would reroute students from Springville to Five Oaks once they reach middle school age.

“If you look at the map, the Springville community is to the very north of Bethany. And they want to send all of us all the way south of US 26, so we feel like our voices are not being heard,” Muddo said.

But not every parent agrees with those concerns. Some say Map C keeps the most number of students closest to their neighborhood school.

“Springville goes all the way to Stoller, we who live like very close have to get on a bus and go all the way to Timberland,” Subramanyan Sripada said.

Several parents argued as they expressed their thoughts outside the school Thursday night. They say their frustrated and just don’t feel heard by the district.

“We already lose our middle school already and now they want to send us to Five Oaks, which is far away from us, so it’s not right. I just don’t feel like it’s fair,” said one parent.

No decisions have been made about the boundary changes. The committee says whatever it eventually decides will just be a recommendation that is sent to the superintendent.

The advisory committee expects to have a recommendation to be forwarded by the end of March.

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(3) comments


They don't care, not about your opinions, not about your shirts. Vote them out, throw them out.


future money grab. Count on it.

Frederick Fukov

Never been happier that my kid is in college, and no longer in BSD. Then again, I don't envy the district decision makers, and the tough choices in front of them.

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