Patriot Prayer, counter-protesters clash in downtown Portland

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Violence erupted on the streets of downtown Portland yet again, following a Patriot Prayer march led by Joey Gibson, a Vancouver man who recently ran for United States Senate. 

That march was met with counter protests from members of Antifa Saturday evening.

Portland police say there were no arrests made following the demonstrations and officers attempted to communicate with both groups to help facilitate a safe environment for everyone involved Saturday.

That march, Gibson says, was all for law and order in Portland.

The group gathered at Southwest Broadway and Southwest Morrison Street outside Nordstrom.

Then, they marched to a memorial for Patrick Kimmons, a man who was shot and killed by Portland police this month.

That memorial at Southwest 4th Avenue and Harvey Milk Street is where Patriot Prayer met face-to-face with a large group of counter protesters who were blocking the memorial.

Violence erupted shortly thereafter when the groups met again further down in the march.

Portland police stepped in at times to patrol the area and blocked off roads.

Police say people had hard-knuckled gloves, firearms, batons and knives.

Officers also say people used pepper spray when the groups clashed Saturday night.

There were no weapons confiscated in the demonstrations.

Patriot Prayer’s march on Saturday was all centered around criticism that the city and its police department allowed so-called “angry mobs” to attack innocent people in downtown.

Last weekend, a group of people who were protesting the shooting death of Kimmons were blocking off traffic and taunting drivers with racial slurs, in one instance, causing thousands of dollars of damage to a car.

Mayor Ted Wheeler responded to that criticism this week.

“They had to weigh what was going on in the streets with the possibility of escalating a situation that was rapidly getting out of control given the resources at that moment,” he said.

Wheeler also said he was appalled by what he saw in that video from last weekend’s protest and said it does not represent the police bureau’s overall approach to enforcing the law.

Gibson responded to that sentiment on Saturday.

“You saw there's police a block away and they decided to just watch it,” Gibson said. “If the mayor's not going to do anything about, the citizens have to step up and send a message.”

FOX 12 also asked Gibson following his loss in the primaries for U.S. Senate in Washington why he continues to hold rallies in Portland.

He said he travels everywhere and wants moderates to be able to speak up in Portland.

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