PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson said Thursday he will turn himself in to authorities in connection with criminal charges related to a brawl in Portland in May.

Gibson’s attorney says a glitch on the Multnomah County District Attorney’s website revealed Thursday that Gibson is wanted for a felony charge of rioting, before being indicted by a grand jury.

“This is a political charge, 100 percent and it’s meant to ruin my First Amendment in Portland,” Gibson told FOX 12.

Gibson’s attorney, who is also the Multnomah GOP chair, told FOX 12 the criminal charge is connected to a May Day brawl outside Cider Riot! in northeast Portland.

The fight occurred near Northeast 8th Avenue and Couch Street after May Day rallies in downtown Portland on May 1.

Police said as many as 60 people were involved in the fight. Gibson told FOX 12 it involved members of his group and Antifa.

Gibson’s attorney released a statement Thursday saying Gibson was pepper-spray and spat upon that day by members of Antifa, “none of whom have been arrested or charged for their conduct on May 1st.”

Law enforcement has made multiple arrests this week in connection with the May Day investigations.

Gibson’s attorney said there are multiple videos of the events at Cider Riot, “and not one of them shows Mr. Gibson engaging in violent conduct.”

Gibson maintains he never got physical with anyone.

“My crime is standing on a sidewalk, recording, talking to people and being assaulted,” he said. “Who did I assault? That’s part of the rioting charges, that I have to be violent.”

FOX 12 reached out the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for more information. A spokesman said, “The DA’s office is not confirming the charge. We will not be releasing any further statement.”

A Portland Police Bureau detective later confirmed to FOX 12 that there is an active warrant for Gibson's arrest. 

Gibson called it a “politically-motivated” move aimed to keep him out of Portland.

“Now, this is a real fight for free speech. This is them using the justice system to try to silence me. So, I’m going to have to challenge it,” he said.

This latest development comes as rallies and protests are expected to take place Saturday in downtown Portland.

Gibson says he hadn’t yet decided if he was going to join other right-wingers attending. Oath Keepers, another far-right group, announced Thursday they would not be attending.

Gibson told FOX 12 he will voluntarily turn himself in sometime Friday on that warrant.


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(4) comments


Typical Portland, especially now with Mayor Ted at the helm. Antifa is A-OK...yup, yop can wear masks, bring clubs and the police will leave you alone...


Once again the good guys are arrested and the bad guys go scott free. Major Wheeler and his criminal cohorts continue to rein

kyle H

Agreed. Since when is warrant information inadvertantly released on a public website for the MCSO? A "fluke", yeah. I think the city is so intent on retaining complete control of this weekend's events that they arranged for that fluke to occur, knowing someone would see that Gibson has an active warrant and advise him to keep him from coming to town Saturday because he would be arrested as soon as he showed up. Wheeler is so scared about how this plays out Saturday, it is totally pathetic. I'm almost embarrassed for the little (blank). We seriously need to rethink this entire council. ANYBODY who isn't either trying to prove something to others about how down they are for anything besides the best interests of Portland, or holds No interest in any construction company in the area will be better in every position on that city council then the CLOWNS we got today.

kyle H

Oh feces "Glitch". Not fluke. Sorry.

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