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VANCOUVER, WA (KTPV) - Saturday, ralliers gathered in Vancouver to defend a man accused of driving his truck through a group of protestors back in 2017.

That man is facing reckless endangering and reckless driving charges.

But now the dozens of people who gathered at the Clark County Courthouse Saturday say those charges aren’t fair. They want them dropped.

The incident happened during a Sept. 10, 2017 march led by members of Patriot Prayer. They were met by counter protestors from Antifa.

The two groups clashed, several people were arrested and police confiscated weapons.

That march started in Portland but moved across the river to Vancouver.

That’s where video on Patriot Prayer’s Facebook page shows pick up truck driver Billy Wilson driving with protestors around him.

From this incident, he was charged in Clark County five months later with reckless driving and two counts of reckless endangering.

He pleaded not guilty last year.

Now on Saturday, Patriot Prayer and another group, called Three Percent of Washington, held a rally on the steps of the Clark County Courthouse demanding Wilson’s charges be dropped.

They say he was just trying to get away from the protestors and was unfairly targeted.

“There were a lot of cars that were blocked and getting stuff thrown at them and they had to speed away and they didn’t get prosecuted. They just went after him because of all the patriotic flags,” rallier Russell Schultz said.

Wilson is expected in court again in April.

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Did those others fleeing the scene hit people with their cars? Nope. He’s targeted because he was PART of the group.


Oh, those poor victim Patriot Prayer/III%ers, they're just misunderstood and picked on. *wink*

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