PBOT hopes speed bumps at left turns will make city streets safer

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Portland Bureau of Transportation is getting creative in their efforts to make Portland streets safer.

PBOT says it is testing new ways to improve left turns on city streets, reconfiguring the turn so that drivers can’t cut the corner. It’s an idea that already used in New York City.

122nd and Foster is one of 30 intersections across the city that could see changes this summer, according to transportation officials. The change would basically reconfigure the left turn so that drivers can’t cut the corner. PBOT says when that happens, people crossing in the crosswalk find themselves in the driver’s blind spot.

PBOT says changing up the intersection by extending the left turn with improve visibility and will also slow drivers down. Transportation officials add that one of the most common types of pedestrian crashes in Portland is when people walk legally in a crosswalk and are hit by a left-turning driver.

PBOT says it is testing these types of speed bumps as a temporary solution and is working to see the durability of two different kinds. While these are installed, PBOT will examine how they work, and look into what a permanent solution would look like at each intersection.

Transportation officials say the plan right now is to begin making changes at some of the intersections across the city sometime in June.

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I would like to see speed bumps used in a lot more locations in cities as well as on some country roads for blind hills and curves. I spend quite a bit of time in Mexico where they are ubiquitous and quite effective, as well as being relatively cheap to install and maintain.


How about filling pot holes first, then worrying about making the streets more bumpy? Bicyclists won't like more bumpy road surfaces.

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