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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Out of the top ten most dangerous intersections in Portland, five are along 122nd Avenue, according to PBOT.

That’s why PBOT is creating a plan to make the street, and others, safer.

PBOT told FOX 12 that Southeast 122nd Avenue & Stark is the most dangerous intersection in all of Portland.

“I’ve seen a lot of people almost get hit here,” Kim Gregg said, who was walking near the intersection.

The cross streets are armed with five lanes, tremendous traffic, countless pedestrians, cyclists and even those e-scooters. It’s a dangerous recipe.

PBOT said five of Portland’s most dangerous intersection are along 122nd’s seven-mile stretch, Halsey Street, Glisan, Stark, Division and Powell.

Pbot also said the most unsafe streets of Portland represent only 8 percent of city roads, yet those streets account for more than half of deadly crashes.

“Fewer lanes, more lives!”

Right up the street, FOX 12 crews found a group holding signs and chanting, all of them are safe-street advocates, trying to send a message.

“Safe cross walks, not dead walks!”

Among the group, is Kim Stone, holding a picture of her son.

“My son Joe was killed on 156th and Division, five years ago. When Joe was killed there were no flashing lights, he put his faith in some lines painted on the street,” Stone said.

Stone is one of many who attended PBOT’S open house. PBOT had set up countless billboards, stacked with countless ideas on how to make the streets safer. Many maps highlighting the danger along 122nd Ave.

Some of the many suggestions are widening sidewalks, reducing car lanes, adding bus lanes, adding trees to medians and creating more crosswalks.

“Breaking it down to one lane in certain locations, in business areas, to me that’s asinine,” one man in the crowd said.

While not everyone is a fan of PBOT’s ideas, many said they’re excited that 122nd is getting the attention it deserves. Most people inside PBOT’s open house said they wanted more street lighting and better crosswalks.

PBOT said it’s set aside more than $3 million dollars to make 122nd Avenue safer, they do plan on having more meetings, FOX 12 will keep you posted.

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