PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - School's out and summer is right around the corner- which means more people are heading out of town. Some, for the first time since the pandemic.

While PDX doesn't expect to hit pre-pandemic numbers, this summer they're predicting 4.2 million travelers will fly through, a big jump from last year's 1.3 million.

"As teachers are wrapping up this week and families are getting ready to take off on summer vacation, things start to pick up. June they're picking up, July is our really, really busy month. In July alone we're expecting over a million travelers," Kama Simonds, spokesperson for PDX, said.

Travelers, like Kodi Challis, say seeing this many people at the airport feels like we're on the path back to normalcy.

"It's nice to see people aren't afraid and are getting out and enjoy themselves again and actually go do things," he said.

PDX expects 4.2 million travelers this summer

Image: KPTV

With more travelers coming through, Simonds said it might be a good idea to give yourself more time when you're traveling to refamiliarize yourself with the airport. The concourses no longer connect, so Simonds is reminding people to double check your boarding pass before you get to security.

"The reason being you will only get to the B and C on one side and D and E on the other. Again, there's no hallway and you don't want to be screened twice so you have to pick correctly before you go through security," Simonds said.

Before you even get to PDX though, there are some tips to save yourself money on flights and rental cars. Scott Keyes from Scott's Cheap Flights says the best, most cost-effective time to book your flight is during what he calls the Goldilocks Window.

"This is a period in advance of travel when cheap flights are most likely to pop up. For domestic travel, it's typically about 1-3 months in advance of travel. For international flights, usually 2-8 months in advance," he said.

If you're planning to rent a car for your trip, Keyes said book it well in advance and be sure to constantly monitor pricing.

"Car rentals are refundable so if you book it for $200 a day, but the prices later drops to $100 a day, you can always rebook it and get the difference back," Keyes said.

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