Peacock sighting in Clackamas County: Bird caught in grille guard of truck frees itself

Image from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

BARTON, OR (KPTV) –  A peacock who managed to get itself stuck in a grille guard of a vehicle over the weekend was able to escape, minus a few feathers.

The driver of the pickup, Maegen Quiett, said she was headed on Hwy. 224 to meet up with her daughter at the Barton store. She said she was four miles from the store when a peacock suddenly appeared.

"All the sudden this peacock comes right out in front of me," Quiett said.

She said she was going about 50 mph when she hit the bird.

“I was freaking out a little bit," Quiett said. "It’s a peacock, they are beautiful birds and I just hit one with my truck.”

It ended up getting stuck in the grille. With nowhere to pull over she traveled the four miles to the Barton Store.

"A sheriff pulled in about that time and so I flagged him down and said I just hit a peacock what do I do and the peacock was still alive and it was stuck on my truck," Quiett said.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy was calming the bird and plotting out to get it unstuck when it suddenly started flapping and freed itself.

Footage of the incident shows the peacock lost a few feathers in its escape but looked to be uninjured.

The sheriff’s office said the peacock walked away from its ordeal but did not say whether the bird had an owner.

“I thought who is going to believe that I hit a peacock on the highway and it lived," Quiett said.

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