HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV) - Some people in Hillsboro are still trying to dry out after Monday’s rain storm, which flooded streets and sent water into apartments and townhomes.

The heavy downpour was just too much for some storm drains and streets.

At the height of it, police officers walked through knee-deep water along NW Cornell and Stucki trying to clear clogged drains.

Natalie Loutham said there was six to eight inches of water in her garage and about an inch flowed inside the first floor of her unit at LionsGate South.

Restoration crews worked all night and again Tuesday morning to help pump it out.

“It looks like they got most of it,” Loutham said.

Loutham's family is moving in a couple of weeks, so they already have a lot of stuffed packed up. She’s not sure yet if anything was damaged.

“I’m not sure if the tubs were watertight or not,” she explained. “[During the storm] I was trying to rescue some things in the garage and my 1-year-old was trying to get out there to me, and the water was like half his height, so that would not have been safe at all.”

Loutham said nothing like that has happened before in her four years there, and she thought a clogged drain in the parking lot may have been an issue.

Across the street at the Commons at Verandas, Price Luber said the slope outside his front door is the problem.

“It was literally a lake here,” Luber said. “It didn’t take long for the water to collect… before we knew it, it was coming into the apartments.”

Like Loutham, Luber said about an inch of water came inside. He said it happened twice last year and he hopes sandbags will be provided to alleviate any future issues in heavy rain.

“As it stands now, most of us have used every towel and bedspread we own to keep the water from flowing into our apartments, but for most of us it didn’t work,” he added.

FOX 12 reached out to the leasing offices at both properties, but so far, neither are commenting.

It’s a good reminder to watch out for storm drains and low-lying areas in your own neighborhood. In the City of Portland alone, the Portland Bureau of Transportation said there are more than 58,000 drains and they need your help making sure they stay clear as we head into fall.

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