Petition started to end fighter jet flyovers over Portland neighborhoods


People living in the Cully neighborhood are over the roar of jet planes flying over their homes. Now, they're taking on the Oregon Air National Guard, hoping their effort will stop noisy jets from flying over residential areas.

Those living near the Portland Air National Guard Base on Northeast Cornfoot Road have started a petition to end the practice of jet flyover training, which they say does much more than just disturb the peace.

The creator of the online petition, Andrew Pritchard, feels so strongly about the matter he's paying for two billboards to draw attention to the problem and garner more signatures.

In his online petition, Pritchard states the jets "shake houses, rattle bones, ruin the peace and sanctuary of backyards and wake up the sleeping."

He also refers to the flyovers as "serious physical and mental health hazard."

FOX 12 spoke to another neighbor who says he's also frustrated with the noise.

"There are times when it's very disruptive and they're extremely loud," said Wesley Boyd. "It can shake the windows and I've never been woken up by them but some people say that that's an issue."

FOX 12 heard from other neighbors who say the National Guard is here for our protection and the drills are necessary, so they don't mind them even if they are noisy.

So far, more than 500 people have signed the petition.

Pritchard is hoping for a total of 1,000.

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