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It's the catch and release program... Clear out the parks so the protesters have something to retake tonight.... Great idea! I just can't wrap my thoughts around city leaders so clueless who elected theses people? Something is seriously wrong with them I am not kidding. What City leader stands by and watches night after night thugs destroy the city he was elected to protect! Unreal I can't fathom it at all!

Kenny Rogers

The hilarious thing about these "protesters" is that the majority of them are white. They are spoiled and indoctrinated college students whose mommy and daddy never told taught them discipline. Instead of seeking a worthwhile education and trade, they instead decided on a social justice degree and a big helping of the book/toilet paper known as "White Fragility."


I can't wait to see how well they handle Trump being re-elected in November. Their tiny liberal heads will explode!


The Left is banking on chaos so Trump won't get elected. It's not about BLM anymore the virus is used another weapon to hold the people down from voting! Complete chaos they create while blaming Trump what a scam they are pulling on Americans!

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