PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A local group says they are making progress on a plan to launch a commuter ferry service between Vancouver and Portland.

The group called Friends of Frog Ferry wants to create a passenger ferry service on the Willamette River and part of the Columbia River that would connect all the way from Oregon City to Vancouver.

The ferry system idea would include a 100 to 149-person boat that would transport people from Vancouver to downtown Portland.

That trip would take about 38 minutes.

Group leaders say they could potentially add up to nine stations, stretching all the way down to Lake Oswego and Oregon City.

The group hopes their ferry proposal can be included in the Metro regional government’s $7 billion transportation package that’s set to appear on the ballot in November.

A $240,000 study funded through grants from the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Portland Bureau of Transportation will be released this summer about the plan’s viability.

Group leaders hope that will answer some big questions about how a ferry system would be maintained and how to pay for it.

“For the start of the service with four operational ferries and one spare, we believe we will remove approximately 6,000 people a day off the roadways, Monday through Friday,” said Susan Bladholm with Friends of Frog Ferry.   

Ferry group organizers say they have received several different proposals from companies about what a ferry might look like and cost.

They said they will share those ideas this summer.

If everything is approved on the proposed timeline, you could see a ferry service here in the Portland metro area starting in 2023.

However, a lot still needs to be approved by legislators and voters before then.

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(9) comments

Just curious

Why do commuters need a ferry? Why can't they just swim across? That way they keep their body in great health.


If the politicians give any taxpayer money to this outfit, they should be run out of town on a rail, after being tar and feathered.

Just curious

[beam] Great idea. Let's do a lynching![cool]

Just curious

I agree with you.

Frederick Fukov

Why don't they just use those little 6 car barge ferries like they have at Canby and Wheatland? They would only need about 250 of 'em.

Just curious

[beam] Isn't the "Fairy" for transporting people? Not cars!??[yawn]

Frederick Fukov

Miss Emily Litella: "What's all this fuss I keep hearing about Computer Fairies? I don't even own a computer. I have a calculator, and I read the newspaper and that's just fine for me. What are the fairies doing with all of those computers, and how do they get in there anyway? By gawd I remember a time when.."

Chevy Chase: "Miss Litella.."

Emily Litella: "..all of those fancy shmancy internet things and.."

Chevy Chase; "MISS LITELLA?!"

Emily Litella; "Oh..what Chevy?"

Chevy Chase; "It's not computer fairies..it's commuter ferries."

Emily Litella; "Ooh..well that's different..never mind."


We need roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure. This ferry idea is stupid.

Just curious

I agree.

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