Airport Covid Impacts

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - With the holiday weekend approaching, some are people are still planning to travel. Those flying will notice new airline policies put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Slowly, more and more people are getting comfortable with the idea of traveling during a pandemic.

"In May, it started to rebound a little bit. Compared to the prior year, we were down just 90 percent and thus far in June, we're down about 82 percent. So, we're seeing travel pick up just a little bit," said Kama Simmons, spokeswoman for Portland International Airport.

At PDX, signs are almost everywhere reminding travelers to mask up.

It's a requirement at the airport and on all flights.

"All carriers serving Portland right now require face coverings as well. So that’s really a piece of the traveling experience that should be consistent for folks," Simmons said. "It’s in the airport, it’s on the airplane. You just have to remember to wear your face covering."

With each airline, there are different measures they're taking to ensure passengers safety.

For example, middle seats on Delta and Southwest flights will remain open in order to keep space between travelers.

On United Airlines, they're boarding people from back to front.

American Airlines is limiting food and drink service. If it's a longer flight, passengers will be given prepackaged snack bags.

Some travelers at PDX say the airline requirements put them at ease while traveling.

"I didn't feel like I was at risk for anything at all and the crew was really safe as well. They were wearing masks and wearing gloves while collecting trash, it was totally fine," said one traveler.

Zach Smith says it's his first time traveling in months but says with or without the safety measures, it is what it is.

"If you’re sick you're probably not going to travel, so, I mean, yes I feel safer, but I don’t think it matters in the long run, you know," Smith said.

For those traveling for the first time in a while for the upcoming holiday weekend, Simmons recommends you give yourself extra time to get through processes that may be different from the last time you traveled.

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Frederick Fukov

Great, just when the country is experiencing a spike in cases, people decide it's just fine to get inside flying petri dishes with recycled air for hours at a time? Brilliant..human beings will do, say, and justify just about anything.

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