Plumbing expert offers tips on preparing pipes for cold weather


Just when Oregonians thought winter may be over, it’s time for them to pull out the heavy coats again and prepare their homes for cold weather emergencies.

Jeff Klassy, who manages George Morlan Plumbing, said one of the biggest mistakes people make when preparing for extreme cold is not disconnecting their garden hoses from the outdoor faucets.

Klassy said that after that is done, people should cover it, either with a faucet cover or even something as simple as a towel and duct tape. The main idea, he explained, is to keep the cold air off the faucet.

There are other cold-weather preps residents should be taking, too. Klassy warned that if someone can see their breath in the attic or crawl spaces, that is a good indication they should insulate their pipes.

He also advised that homeowners should not be too quick to remove the wrapping.

“If you have put some of these pieces on already just leave them there till its way past the freezing point,” he told FOX 12. “There’s no need to take them off. Just leave them on until you’re done.”

Another tip Klassy offered is to know where the shut offs are located in a home.

He also said it would be a good idea to drain down outside faucets now, before the cold hits, adding that when things thaw and pipes burst, it’s already too late.

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