PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) –The owner of Pok Pok decided to close his restaurants on Wednesday.

Andy Ricker says it’s for the safety of his workers after a friend of his passed away on Tuesday from COVID-19. He says there’s just no way to keep restaurant workers entirely safe right now, even while they’re doing take-out and delivery.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Ricker talked about his good friend and well-known New York chef Floyd Cardoz, who passed away after testing positive for coronavirus.

Ricker says his death should be a wake up call to the restaurant community and shows that we are all vulnerable. He says his restaurants have followed all of the protocol, but they’re simply not trained to keep a workspace protected from a deadly virus.

“it just became apparent that our workers are better off at home and the sooner that we lay them off, the faster they’re going to be able to apply for unemployment, and if the government delivers what they say they’re going to deliver, they’ll be able to collect a reasonable enough money to make it through this crisis, it became a no brainer at that point to just stop,” Ricker said.

Ricker also said that no non-vital business is worth keeping open at the risk of life. He says he hopes others will consider closing, too.

He’s not sure when they might reopen or in what capacity. He says right now, he just wants everyone to stay safe and stay home.

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and for those who would like to know where thy're located, their address is:

3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202. You're welcome.

Frederick Fukov

Thanks..I know where it is. I went once. It's nothing but a trendy hipster date place. It's overpriced and overrated. My favorite part of the evening is when the server came up for our drink orders. I got a gin and tonic,and I ordered a Bill Cosby for my date. She didn't get the humor, so I ordered a better date.


Yo Andy, thank you for putting your employee's health and welfare above profit. I've never been to one of your restaurants, but once this is all over you can count on one more patron.

Frederick Fukov

Except for..ya know..facts. Facts are, that restaurants are allowed to remain open, provided they are only serving take-out. This would have kept at least some of his employees..ya know..employed? If he truly based his decision to close on the death of his buddy Floyd, then that's ludicrous. It's highly likely that Floyd contracted the disease over in India, and not at his restaurant. The thing is, Floyd didn't need to go there. He did because of a TV show shoot with Aziz Anzari. He could have chosen to not go. The producers could have postponed filming. Again, this has NOTHING to do with restaurant operations. The entire story was a senseless me-me-me, full of misinformation. But that's ok, just keep listening to CNN..and keep being scared.

Frederick Fukov

Yo Andy, aside from the fact that your restaurant is vastly overrated, your buddy Floyd contracted covid-19 because he decide to fly to India to do a tv show, rather than wait until things were much safer in the world. His death had absolutely ZERO to do with his restaurant, and serving take-out. We could have done without your self-serving story today.


Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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