Zachary Reinhardt and Justin Bowen

Booking photos of Zachary Reinhardt (left) and Justin Bowen (right) 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A group gathered in downtown Portland Thursday night and two people were arrested after several fires were set, police said.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, nearly 100 people came together outside the Justice Center and stood in the street, blocking traffic on Southwest 2nd Avenue between Southwest Madison and Southwest Main Street.

Police said members of the group were seen spray painting the PPB Central Precinct and put garbage near the entryways and exits to the sally port garage doors.

Meanwhile, others lit a large fire at Southwest Main Street and Southwest 3rd Avenue and people gathered around it as it grew, police reported.

Additional smaller fires were set with the garbage left near the precinct’s sally port doors.

Officers announced to the crowd over loudspeaker that streets were to remain open to traffic and told those in roadways to move to sidewalks. The group was warned that failure to abide would subject them to arrest or use of force including crowd control agents.

Police said the crowd did not follow the warning and continued to block traffic on Southwest 2nd Avenue as well as Southwest 3rd Avenue at Southwest Main Street.

A vehicle associated with the group was observed stopping near the sally port doors and a passenger got out and added accelerant to the fires. PPB said the vehicle was later stopped and the passenger, identified as 18-year-old Rachel Lee Talbot, was cited for reckless burning and first-degree arson.

Officers along with Portland Fire & Rescue personnel responded to the area of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street. Firefighters extinguished the fire burning there.

Police said the group continued to stand in the street and block vehicular traffic, and some members continued to light small fires. The crowd was warned again over loudspeaker to leave the roadway, but they stayed in the street. Officers then made some targeted arrests.

PPB reported the crowd mostly dispersed by 12:30 a.m. Friday.

The bureau said its officers did not use crowd control munitions or tear gas Thursday night.

Police identified the two people arrested as Zachary Reinhardt, 29, of Portland, and Justin Bowen, 25, of Portland.

Reinhardt faces charges of interfering with a peace officer and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Bowen faces a charge of reckless burning.

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(6) comments


It`s unbelievable that this news agency continues to call these terrorists Demonstrators or Protesters. Stop adding to the terror being spread by TED WHEELER and his terrorist buddies.


Too bad the Deputized officers didn't make the arrest.

Frederick Fukov

Well there's a couple of losers for ya. Of course, they'll be released with charges dropped. Mike Schmidt might as well be leading the riots.

Herb Eaverschmels

The man on the left seems to be distracted by a spider on the wall, while the man on the right seems to be overseeing a large women undress.

Eliza Cassan

"18-year-old Rachel Lee Talbot, was cited for reckless burning and first-degree arson" How does someone trying to burn down an occupied building does not get arrested, only a ticket?


"PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A group gathered in downtown Portland Thursday night"---- A group? These are roving mobs and rioters!

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