PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Several businesses in southeast Portland were damaged during the early morning hours of Thanksgiving by a group dressed in black clothing, police said.

At around 1:22 a.m., Portland police responded to reports of people breaking windows and spraying graffiti at the New Seasons Market in the 4000 block of Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard.

According to police, multiple 911 callers said they saw a group dressed in black clothing walking west along SE Hawthorne, smashing windows in their path.

Officers went to the scene and found the group of suspects near Southeast 37th Avenue and Southeast Harrison Street. Police said the people were carrying evidence that connected them to the vandalism.

During their investigation, officers discovered at least ten businesses had been damaged along SE Hawthorne between Southeast 41st Avenue and Southeast 33rd Avenue.

Police said the businesses vandalized included grocery stores, banks, an auto service center and a package distribution and mailing center. Other businesses that were damaged were the Bagdad Theater, Portland Cider House, a salon, clothing stores and more. 

According to police, some of the damage was significant enough that it provided access to business interiors. Officers contacted employees of the affected businesses and provided security while windows were boarded up.

A manager with a local board up company who went to help on SE Hawthorne Thursday morning told FOX 12 that he saw up to 70 windows broken.

Independent Media PDX shot several videos and photos of the damage.

The words spray painted on the buildings expressed anti-Thanksgiving and anti-colonialism messages. 

Police said three vandalism suspects were arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail.

They were identified as 24-year-old Chester Hester, 38-year-old Nicole Noriega and 23-year-old Bailey Willack.

Each of the suspects face ten counts of first-degree criminal mischief.

Police also said officers contacted an adult in possession of a semi-automatic pistol, and that person was referred out of custody to the district attorney's office for potential weapons charges. Additionally, officers detained a juvenile who was referred to the court for crimes related to property damage.

Based on statements given by witnesses of the vandalism, police believe more people were involved in the damage along SE Hawthorne.

Police said the group caused “thousands of dollars of damage” to the businesses. The investigation is ongoing.

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(12) comments


I made a post yesterday and this article was updated today and just like that the libtard fake news channel didn't post it.

NEWSMAX is going to be on top soon.

To bad for long time supporters of Fox and the sponsors.

Good luck!💋


Once again Portland is in the national news for being America's biggest joke that no one laughs at.


When is it going to stop Ted? Huh? When is stuff like going to stop? And Portlanders, YOU elected him, AGAIN! I guess the lives of criminals mean more to you than the lives of decent hard working people. Your city is doomed.


Chester Hester? Problem child properly named at birth.


These "clowns" were just having fun! "Spineless" Mayor Wheeler accommodates any of these fun seekers. Don't worry, the businesses insurance "may" cover the damages. But our city council isn't concerned.

Mr Q

Just another peaceful night in Portlanistan


So these are being treated as hate crimes right?


Nothing new. They are just peaceful rioters.


Ahh, holiday festivities in Portlandia.


Thank YOU "Spineless" Mayor Wheeler for emboldening these cretins! What Portland is suffering is a DIRECT RESULT of YOU!

Delta Bravo

More peaceful protests. Protestors to be released, no cleanup needed. It now matches the rest of Portland.


Democratic Socialists out for a night of crime.

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