Franco Armando Moreno, Jr.

Franco Armando Moreno, Jr., booking photo.

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Police tackled a wanted man at a Fred Meyer in Salem over the weekend.

Franco Armando Moreno, Jr., 31, of Salem, pulled out a handgun when officers blocked him inside an aisle at the store off Market Street Northeast.

One officer tackled Moreno into a display, fighting to take him into custody with help from other officers and a police dog.

Moreno during the struggle cut the officers face, causing an injury that will require stiches, the police department says. Moreno received medical attention for a dog bite and was charged for three outstanding warrants. He now also faces additional charges, including assault of a police officer and felon in possession of a weapon.

No shoppers were hurt during the incident.

“We know when these types of events occur, they can be alarming to see,” according to the police department. “If you encounter an event like this, please safely distance yourself, follow any directions from officers, and be a good witness.”

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(7) comments


Would have saved the tax payer, if they would have ventilated his torso instead.


And the provenance of the gun, please?

Frederick Fukov

How 'bout the status of the perp? Here legally? The good news is, he's going to prison for a long time now. Felon in possession, assaulting a police officer, and whatever charges they have; he's going in for at least 5 years.


Although he will be able to get his marijuana conviction expunged:)


It’s okay if he has a Kate Brown issued driver’s license.

Frederick Fukov

No kidding. Another fine stay over guest from south of the border.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Along with a Democrat voter registration card via Motor Voter and a race card from La Raza, MEChA, or CAUSA.

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