Local students participate in global climate march

Image captured by AIR 12 over Lincoln High School for walkout 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Students across the world, including many in the Portland metro area, walked out of class and took to the streets to demand action on climate change.

Those participating left their classrooms between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. for a march and rally. The demonstration is part of a worldwide Climate Strike, to communicate demands for future generations.

Portland police say several thousand people participated in march, which ended in three arrests. Two 17-year-olds were arrested for disorderly conduct II and interfering with a police officer, according to police, who say the teens were processed and released to adults, and the cases are being referred to the Multnomah County District Attorney's Juvenile Division. 

A 32-year-old man was arrested after vandalizing the Hawthorne Bridge and fighting with officers, according to law enforcement. That man, identified only as Jake, was booking into the Multnomah County Jail and is facing charges of criminal mischief II and resist arrest. Police say they seized several weapons from Jake's backpack and used pepper-spray during the arrest.

After leaving their schools, participants first headed to Portland City Hall. They held a rally there before marching along the Eastbank Esplanade to OMSI.

Portland police released a planned route for the march, which went across the Hawthorne Bridge and started at 11:30 a.m.

Police warned people the march could impact traffic.

FOX 12 spoke with students who say they consider the changes happening to our climate to be a crisis that will impact the rest of their lives.

"We want our politicians and our lawmakers and our leaders to be in action, and passing policies and laws and legislation which is going to protect and preserve our future," Jaden Winn, a student at Wilson High School, said. 

The event was inspired in part by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and organized by local elementary, middle, and high school students. 

"It feels electric almost," Grace Payton, a student at Silverton High School, said. "It feels crazy to be part of such a big group who all support each other like this."

Friday won't be the first time Portland Public Schools students have walked out for climate change.

In the spring, they marched for the same reason -- but student organizers said this time they're encouraging adults to take part in their fight. 

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(11) comments

Just curious

What proof did these teachers have that we are in a "GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE"?

Why are they indoctrinating these ideas into our kids brains?


Privileged young people the majority of whose parents have at least two cars plus houses with heat and air conditioning and with food molding in their refrigerators. They go to school in air conditioned classrooms and shop in air conditioned stores and ride everywhere they go in air polluting conveyances. When did any of them last walk or bike to school, plant a tree or do any useful work for their family or for the community? Are there exceptions? Certainly, but too few. Reporters should be asking them these questions, not just letting the kids they interview get away with merely parroting the words and phrases they have learned from their teachers and from twitter.

Just curious

You are so correct in your questioning. Maybe we should make these students walk to school and every where they go. No Mom, Pop, or after school pickup by anybody.

Plus not Teacher or school employee is allowed to drive any vehicles to work. Live close enough to walk to work, to shop, to church, to meetings.

That'll teach how to cut down on climate change.

Just curious

So just what did these students accomplish? Other than getting out of class room ?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

With two 17-year-olds arrested for disorderly conduct II and interfering with a police officer, I'm sure we can have every confidence this event isn't a get-out-of-school-for-the-day abuse of impressionable teens with a side order of leftist indoctrination. Nah, not in Oregon, where "emergency clauses" are deceitfully used by adult liberals to lock voters out of the initiative process that would overturn leftist cap and trade agendas. It's ALL on the up and up, right?

David Oregon

Just another showing of the stupid kids in our schools, being brainwashed by progressive nut balls employed by the districts


How much CO2 was emitted during this adventure?


Depends on how much "hot air" they were blowing while talking about this bogus situation.

Alexander Marinesko

Unable to educate, but can indoctrinate! Need more money if you want us to educate.....


Gotta love those carbon emissions from the helicopter flying overhead to discover the flaccid display of inaction.


gotta love all the fossil fuel it took to get the young charmers downtown to protest.

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