Police arrest suspect accused of using counterfeit bill to buy Girl Scout cookies in Salem

Camden Ducharme, jail booking photo on left. Counterfeit bill, on bottom right. 

SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Police have arrested a suspect accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy Girl Scout cookies.

Last week, FOX 12 spoke with the scout who made the sale at a Walmart store in Salem.

The 13-year-old girl said she knew the bill didn’t look or feel quite right, but she was too intimidated to say anything to the man.

The suspect used a fake bill, and received real currency as change, according to police.

Officers used surveillance video and help from Walmart loss prevention officers to identify the suspect as 36-year-old Camden Ducharme of Salem. Police said he was arrested after returning to the same Walmart store on Sunday.

Ducharme was arrested on charges of first-degree forgery and third-degree theft.

Investigators said they have received two different calls from local Girl Scout troops regarding counterfeit bills.

“We want to thank the victim for making the report and providing such a good description of Ducharme. We also want to thank Walmart for helping us identify him in such a timely manner,” according to the Salem Police Department.

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(10) comments


Counterfeit fiat currency is a laughable concept.

Terrell Higgs

What a Duce

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Sounds like the guy is desperate. Does he have the munchies from smoking/dealing pot?

Just curious


Frederick Fukov

Oh yeah? Well what happens when we buy those stale cookies that "just don't feel or taste right?"

Just curious

Then your money donation can be tax deductible?


Oh the shame father, the shame.


is that the Apple Logo on his forehead? wth??

Just curious

[thumbup] I thought it was what the females in Saudi do to their forehead.

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