PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Detectives are investigating after they say a pickup driver was attacked in downtown Portland on Sunday night and left unconscious with injuries.

The assault occurred just before 10:30 p.m. near Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway. Investigators believe the driver, a man, may have been trying to help a person who had some of their things stolen near Southwest Taylor and 4th Avenue, where the incident began.

The initial accident call to officers reported that protesters were chasing a white Ford truck, which had crashed, with protesters reportedly dragging the driver out of his car, according to officers. A witness before officers arrived on scene said nine or 10 people were "beating the guy," police said. 

The driver after the attack was transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to recover. Police said they are aware of video on social media showing events leading up to the assault of the driver.

"The series of events was carried out in different locations involving many different people," according to police. "This in an ongoing investigation and the Police Bureau will provide further information as it is available."

Police ask for help after pickup driver attacked, left unconscious in Portland

Image provided to KPTV.

Police have not been able to contact the person they believe the driver was trying to help and their identity is unknown. Officers would like to speak to the person and ask anyone with additional information about the ongoing investigation to contact Detective Brent Christensen at 503-823-2087 or at Brent.Christensen@portlandoregon.gov.

Mayor Ted Wheeler released a statement regarding the incident on Monday night:

I denounce all violence, including the assaults that were filmed and posted to social media last night.  The work this community and others nationally are doing towards criminal justice reform and racial justice are in an effort to make our communities safer.  Assaults like these make our community less safe.

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(9) comments


arrest a 1/2 dozen of them, post their picture and home address for all to see.



Two days after the violent assault on an innocent driver you choose to speak! And what a speech, the word really came through, you really laid out your plan to curb this violence! Except your speech was hollow, without depth, childish and accomplished nothing. You

DENOUNCE all violence? What sort of drivel is this??

Portland’s mayor said he denounces "all violence" [except when against the Police] in response to Sunday’s brutal beatdown of a man who crashed a pickup near Black Lives Matters protesters [RIOTERS] in an ugly [wild animals] scene caught on video.

You don't put down or admonish your Antfa RIOTERS! What hold have they got on you? What makes them and their violence so intoxicating that you won't stop it?

And Hardesty, did you watch the video? When the driver was down on the ground, beat half senseless, did you see the BLACK coward kick him in the head? Did you cheer inside? You certainly haven't said one word against HIS actions. I guess black on white violence get's the Jo Ann "I Hate the Police" Hardesty seal of approval? You're disgusting for your racist, anti Police agenda.


It would seem the leadership that keeps getting voted in is really not good for the citizens or business owners. Wake up and change your voting habits, because THIS ain't working.


It's not just the voting habits, it's also the voting system. Portland, as well as most other large dem controlled cities, need to end "non partisan" voting and demand "partisan" voting or it will always be dem vs dem in the endless vicious cycle. In a city this big it should always be dem vs Repub vs Indie. Non partisan only makes sense in small towns and villages.


The rest of the country is laughing at you. Are you going to continue to vote for this "Strong" Democrat "leadership". Your elected officials are being pushed around by 20 Y/O's. Your elected officials are WEAK


When is this going to stop ?Whats next will they start pulling people of cars and shoot or knife them ? Open your eyes Hardesty is this what you want ?


The knucklehead in the “Security” outfit kicking the man in the head is Marquis “Keese” Love. Good thinking wearing your work uniform to a riot and then beating a helpless person on camera.

Eliza Cassan

No one at city hall cares, in fact they accuse the PPB of doing the rioting.


Where's loud mouthed Jo Ann "I Hate the Police" Hardesty? She slammed the Police the other day because they roughed up a few puke RIOTERS but that doesn't fit with her agenda. But now the RIOTERS drag someone from their vehicle and beat him..I guess that's okay with "Predator's Daughter"?

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