Police chief meets with George Floyd protesters: 'We have to have more conversations’

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - As protests in Portland over the death of George Floyd continued into a fifth day, community leaders and protesters opened up a dialogue about the activities around the city.

Four young men met who have participated in the protests met with Portland Police Chief Jami Resch and other local law enforcement leaders in North Portland and spoke for close to two hours.

"Just getting some dialogue on the table and giving them some understanding," Michael Richards, a protester who said he speaks only for himself, said. "They were very open to listening to what we had to say."

Richards and three other young black men were joined in the talks with local law enforcement by black community leaders, who called the discussion encouraging.

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"These are the voices that our law enforcement needs to be listening to in the front end, before the problem happens, as opposed to after the fact when we’re in trouble," Tony Hopson Sr., who hosted the conversation at Self Enhancement Inc. on North Kerby, said.

Portland Police Chief Jami Resch said she first met with protesters a couple nights ago.

"It was a very brief conversation, but it was very powerful," Resch said. "What was quickly understood was that we have to have more conversations."

Hopson said the group discussed police accountability and transparency, among other topics.

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(2) comments

Frederick Fukov

Look, this is real simple. It doesn't matter what color you are if you're involved in drugs, guns, and other criminal activity, and if you don't obey police commands when you are approached. If you have an attitude and you resist arrest, you're gonna get thumped. If you do the right thing, if you're not involved in any criminal activity, and if you do the right things when you get stopped, you get to go home. Anyone who disagrees with that is just a thug with an attitude.


It's getting really hard to post comments, as you guys keep posting click bait.

Most of the "protestors" don't even know who George Floyd was.

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