Zachary Perry and Travis Hessel

Zachary Perry and Travis Hessel, booking photos (Courtesy: Multnomah County Jail)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Police say a protest outside the federal courthouse in downtown Portland remained mostly peaceful Monday night, but another protest on the east side was declared an unlawful assembly due to criminal activity.

Police said protesters used vehicles to block traffic at around 9 p.m. around Lownsdale Park.

While the gathering was mostly peaceful, a 15-year-old boy was detained after police say he pointed a pellet gun at people in the area of Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Taylor Street.

On the east side, a march began on East Burnside Street from Laurelhurst Park at around 9:15 p.m. Police said the march involved about 200 people.

The march ended at the Penumbra Kelly Building, located at 4735 East Burnside Street. The group blocked traffic in both directions.

According to police, a house fire was reported near East Burnside and Southeast 57th Avenue just before 10:30 a.m. Portland Fire crews had to reroute around the blocked streets.

Police said people in the crowd threw objects at officers and flashed laser pointers, bright flashlights, and strobe lights in the officers' eyes.

The crowd was given verbal warnings to stay off the property. According to police, members of the crowd entered the Kelly Building property at about 11:30 p.m. and officers made an arrest. Police said numerous items were thrown at officers while making the arrest.

By 11:46 p.m., police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly due to criminal activity. Officers began to move the crowd east and had paint balloons and other objects thrown at them.

Police said one officer was punched and another was injured in the arm by a protester swinging a stick or baton. Another arrest was made.

After moving the crowd several blocks, police said officers deployed "inert smoke" so they could safely disengage.

Police released the names and charges of two people arrested Monday night:

  • Zachary Perry, 23, of Portland, was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on a charge of second-degree criminal trespass.
  • Travis Hessel, 27, of Portland, was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on a charge of assaulting a public safety officer.

Police said some members of the gathering returned to the street outside the Kelly Building and continued yelling at officers and flashing lights at them. The remaining crowd left the area at about 1:30 a.m.

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(10) comments

Tim walters

Wow! Look at those mugshots! Clearly, clearly community leaders! I can see why the loser leaders like Comrade Kate and Tearful Ted wait on their every word so they can make policy changes based on their demands! I wonder why those sort would want to defund police??? Oh yeh, they've been low life trouble makers their entire lives and the police fill the gap where their amazing parents...... FAILED.

Back to the mugshots though. Come to think about it, they certainly do look like local racist.....Joann Hardesty. Pathetic.


They used water canons, finally, on the 99 Percenters, after who knows how much damage they had done.


Yeah, Let's reduce our police force. Heck, I bet a lot of them throw in the towel voluntarily. It must be pretty awful to work in this type of environment:

From the blog 8/3/20:

"Officers have determined that the stabbing took place in Lownsdale Square park when an adult female suspect entered the park taking photos and/or video. An argument ensued between the female and other people in the park. During the argument, the female produced a knife and stabbed another female in the chest. The victim is being treated at a hospital and her injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

The suspect initially left but returned and is being interviewed. There is no known ongoing danger to the community related to this incident.

During the initial response, officers encountered a hostile crowd and additional police resources were summoned to try to conduct an investigation. Officers initially located the knife used in the stabbing, however as the officers were trying to secure a crime scene someone picked it up and ran off with it. Officers were unable to safely conduct an investigation due to the hostile crowd, and supervisors made the decision to disengage. As the knife is evidence, it should be returned to police custody. Anyone with information about the location of the knife should call police non-emergency at 503 823 3333.

Portland Police Assault Detectives have assumed the investigation.


hey kptv, wheres the article on the stabbing from last night? theres pictures everywhere, its what everyone is talking about. does it not fit the narrative youre trying to create?


Why no mention of the stabbing last night during the protesting?


'Police declare unlawful assembly after crowd gathers outside Penumbra Kelly Building, arrests made' So much for Spineless Teds and Queen Kate's 'peaceful' protests, as these rioters continue destroy, burn stuff and hassle the police.


you cant use water cannons anymore. black people will call you racist and we all know everyone terrified of being called a racist

Frederick Fukov

Ya's just a thought, but instead of wasting time and resources on an "independent public police review board," that gives them broad powers for which they are completely unqualified, how 'bout a proposal to change the city charter which takes the Police Commissioner role away from the mayor, and gives it to someone who..ya know..has actual police experience, and knows what the heII they're doing? How would that be?

Secondly, why are WATER CANNONS not being deployed? You wanna move a crowd quickly? That's the best way to do it. Plus, it makes sure that crowd of personal hygiene challenged losers actually gets shower.

Native Born

Water Cannons! Great idea, clean`em up & clear`em out effectively with no tear gas + cleanup the streets too.


The "peacfull" rioters are back at it again. They have just have had a change of venue.

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