Police declare unlawful assembly in 15th night of downtown Portland protests, several arrested

KPTV image from Thursday June 11 downtown demonstrations 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Protests in response to George Floyd’s death have been happening for two weeks now in Portland, and Thursday night escalated to police declaring an unlawful assembly downtown.

Thursday marked the 15th night of demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice following the police killing of Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis.

The day started out peaceful around 6 p.m., with thousands gathering at Revolution Hall in southeast Portland.

Another group came together outside the Justice Center downtown around 9 p.m. Both locations have become the routine meeting points for demonstrators the past two weeks.

In the Revolution Hall crowd were hundreds of children, parents and teachers. The group was organized by middle school students. 

Protesters proceeded to march from Revolution Hall to Grant High School in northeast Portland and assembled at the school for several hours before returning to Revolution Hall.

The group outside the Justice Center was mostly peaceful the first two hours of demonstrating, with officers observing some shaking and cutting of the fence surrounding the Justice Center and several thrown projectiles.

At around 11:17 p.m., police said protesters began throwing “commercial grade fireworks” at officers, causing a “civil disturbance.” It was then an unlawful assembly was declared by police, with officers encouraging the crowd to leave the area.

Police said officers began dispersing demonstrators about 15 minutes later and several people were arrested.

The group then walked to Pioneer Courthouse Square and dispersed shortly after.

Police last declared an unlawful assembly during downtown demonstrations on Sunday.

Police said that around 12:30 a.m. Friday, a smaller group of demonstrators returned to the Justice Center area. A civil disturbance was declared again, and officers told people to leave. Police said the demonstrators refused to disperse and more arrests were made.

Additional information on the arrests has not been released.

Police said officers did not use any CS gas during Thursday’s demonstrations. The bureau has been ordered to limit its use of gas under a temporary ruling by a judge.

Police are asking anyone with information about individuals who committed criminal activity at any event to share that information with them by emailing CrimeTips@portlandoregon.gov.

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(10) comments


Commissioner Hardesty;

Not a peep from you after last night's demonstrations turned violent and those "evil, soon to be defunded Police" had to act on behalf of the City of Portland. Do you take joy in them being attacked? Fireworks and projectiles being thrown help you sleep better? It must be a real morale downer to the Police knowing that you're doing everything in your power to eviscerate them! It's all about those votes hidden under the guise of concern for "them little children of color". What an absolute laugh, you're a comedian and yet your insanity plays out on every taxpayer in Portland. What representation? From you..nada! It's "get them Police", gotta stop them from arresting "little children of color" who are involved in so many criminal activities.


Does any of these people work? Are they all students? How can anyone put a drugged professional Crook on a pedastal? They claim now that he did not die at sene but in Ambulance on way to Hospital. I still believe this was prepared to have before the Police Feasco. But useful incedent!


The best thing for the state would be if they just burned PDX to the ground..

Just curious

They are working at ir, piece by piece.

Frederick Fukov

Far Left Liberal Dommies (short for Domestic Enemies) using the education system that WE pay for, to brainwash children with their domestic terrorist propaganda. Every teacher that is in that crowd should be fired on the spot, and have their PERS revoked.


This reminds me of the mass influx of muslims into Europe. Terrorists who hid behind children in order to escape detection and used them as sympathy ploys.


We are paying for our own destruction and the stench of Portland is drifting East.

Just curious

[thumbup][thumbup]The teachers are instigators.[scared]


Where's Hardesty during this unlawful assembly? At home drafting up more cuts to the Police? Figuring out how she can funnel more money to those "little children of color"?

Disregarding her responsibilities to the citizenry..she's in with a good crowd of slackers at City Hall


Perhaps she's filming a movie? Predator versus Trump or a remake of Trilogy of Terror?

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