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VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – A suspect was hospitalized after police say he stabbed his girlfriend inside an apartment late Sunday night. 

According to the Vancouver Police Department, officers were dispatched at 11:15 p.m. to a reported assault in the 2600 block of T Street.

Police said a male suspect had forced entry into an apartment and stabbed his girlfriend.

Several others inside the apartment made the suspect leave, police said, and he encountered officers outside the apartment.

After the suspect refused to drop his weapon, VPD said two of its officers fired their weapons, shooting the suspect.

He was transported to a hospital and his current condition is not known.

Police said the female victim and three people who struggled with the suspect in the apartment were also taken to a hospital for their injuries. Their conditions were not released.

Police did not identify anyone involved in the stabbing or the shooting.

The two officers who shot the suspect have been placed on critical incident leave, per VPD protocol.

The shooting investigation is ongoing under the SW Washington Independent Investigative Response Team and is being led by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

No other details were released by VPD.

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(9) comments


The so-called guy stabbed his girlfriend. But, was he a transgender male, which means she stabbed her girlfriend, or was the victim a transgender female who was once a guy and was stabbed by a male boyfriend or is it a female boyfriend. Maybe both were transgender what-evers. Then that means one "it" stabbed another "it". Ah, heck, let the judge figure it out.


Most hated call for Officers, sadly ended up as many of them do. Thankfully Officers ended up uninjured and safe. Be well.

Mr Q

so why did they have to shoot him?? I mean couldn't a social worker have fixed all of this?? ok so he kid of stabbed his companion .. but did they DIE?? .. no .. so therefore there was no real harm done right? I mean he was obviously no real threat to anyone because he didn't kill anyone .. ... *sarcasm font off*


So my guess is this is a white boy cause if it was a POC there would be riots in the street.....yeah I said it!!!


He actually is a POC.

Frederick Fukov

Ok's time for all of you to put your thinking caps on, and come up with a clever new Hallmark Card for just this type of occasion, because nothing says lovin' like a little domestic violence.


Good job, VPD

Frederick Fukov

Yeah, now if we can get the medical professionals at the hospital to..ya a little less professional and let the guy croak..that will be a plus. Oh..I know..that's terrible and where's my compassion and..hey..dude just committed attempted murder. He thought nothing about breaking into an apartment and attacking multiple humans with a knife. What possible positives is THAT guy going to provide to the world in the future?


But, 'All lives matter' now, right?

Oh sorry, that's not popular yet.

"Me too"? No, that's not popular anymore either.

Don't taze me for going there, bro.

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