Police: Drunk man with COVID-19 spit on officer after passing out in Tigard parking lot

Miguel Hernandez-Cuesta, jail booking photo

TIGARD, OR (KTPV) - A man with COVID-19 spit on an officer after the suspect had passed out out in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s in Tigard, according to police.

Police were notified about an intoxicated man driving a car at the restaurant on the 11200 block of Southwest 72nd Avenue at 2:23 a.m. Sunday.

The man moved his car out of the drive-thru lane before police arrived, but he was found by officers in the parking lot. Police said the man was passed out in the driver’s seat and he was partially hanging out of the open driver’s side door.

Officers said there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car. The car was still running, as well.

Officers instructed the man to turn off the car, but they said he put it in drive and rolled forward, nearly hitting a patrol car parked in front of him.

The suspect was arrested on the charge of DUII and driving while suspended.

During the course of his arrest, police said the man began coughing profusely and stated he had COVID-19. Police said when an officer asked the man to stop coughing on them, the suspect turned his face toward them and coughed and spit on the face of one of the officers who was standing less than a foot away.

Jail staff later confirmed the man did test positive for COVID-19, according to Tigard police. Miguel Hernandez-Cuesta, 24, was subsequently booked into jail on an additional charge of felony aggravated harassment.

Tigard police said based on the man’s actions, “it is our belief he acted knowingly in trying to expose the officer to COVID-19.”

The officer was wearing a surgical mask and gloves at the time she was spit on. The officer is now under quarantine to monitor for any potential symptoms of the virus.

“Officers who are victims during the course and scope of their duties have the same rights as any other community members, and we intend to assist the Washington County District Attorney’s office with any future prosecution for this intentional and unwarranted exposure beyond our routine day-to-day duties,” according to the Tigard Police Department.

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(12) comments


Awww, he's just down on his luck, right democrats? They probably paid for his infractions and started a GoFund Me for this poor fella right?


His actions are typical of the kind of people Brown and Wheeler embrace who hate our guts and spit on our laws. The same occurred a few days ago when when another likely import killed his passenger by speeding and reckless driving in Beaverton. His mug shot looks much like the driver who repetitively sped around traffic at Canyon Rd. and Cedar Hills Blvd., then cut in front of drivers and slammed on the brakes followed by cursing and yelling at their victims. If FOX news would have identified his vehicle it would have helped. I'm done with trying to report reckless drivers because WACO law enforcement (mainly Beaverton) likes to play Blame the Victim, especially if your a Caucasian trying to report the offender.

In any case, thanks Brown


Kate Brown all but told him he could spit on the police, it is her favorite activity.


If it happened in Portland Wheeler would have given him all the freebies and let him go.


Illegal? Check with Jeff "I care more about immigrants than citizens" Merkley! This clown probably mows his lawn

Frederick Fukov

Wait a second. How on earth can this man be arrested and detained? I mean, he was just trying to get a Happy Meal in his Sanctuary Play Place for gawd sakes.

Roberto Estrello Demar

If there is any means by which the stain of this ungrateful wretch's presence can be expunged from among us, I would consider it our People's job to get it done.

Roberto Estrello Demar

When I see a police officer, fire equipment or ambulance in a hurry to get somewhere, I pause and breathe a word of prayer of thanks, and ask God for their safety ... "Here Comes Help!"

The young fools who inspired, encouraged, and enabled this one to assault our police officer ... for them, I have "no quarter, no mercy." Sorry; I'm not Jesus.


I agree.


JoAnn "I hate the Police" Hardesty must be jumping for joy! Wish the Police would have fed the drunk a billy club via his mouth


For all you idiots who think we should defund the police, this is what the cops have to deal with! The next time you see a cop, wave to him/her, and smile. Say: "Thanks!"



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