PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The iconic elk statue in downtown Portland was removed Thursday after it was damaged by fires lit during a demonstration, according to police.

Demonstrators gathered Wednesday evening once again near the Justice Center. Police said the crowd blocked the streets surrounding the Justice Center.

According to police, some demonstrators lit fires on and near the elk statue on Southwest Main Street. The fire damaged the stone surrounding the basin around and beneath the statue.

The Regional Arts Council determined the damage was severe and had the statue removed for public safety reasons, according to police.

Police are investigating the crimes committed.

"Engaging in criminal activity including vandalism and property damage is not peaceful demonstration," said PPB Chief Chuck Lovell. "We ask for the public's help in identifying and sharing information about those responsible so they can be held accountable."

Anyone with information about those responsible for the criminal activity is asked to contact CrimeTips@portlandoregon.gov.

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(24) comments


PPD watched it all on their cell phones from inside Dunkin Donuts.


another democrat run town.. let the animals run wild. do they even know why they're burning down elk?? this is disgusting

Just curious

This is the Republicans doing this to upset the democrats


So, it's okay to set a STATUE on fire and for MOBS to congregate, but fireworks and get-togethers are not? It really IS ALL POLITICAL!!!


Why does the mayor continue to pander to the ones who do not pay his wages?. He does nothing and then cripples the police so they can't do their job and arrest people who are destroying downtown. Mayor, do the job 'we the people' pay you to do!

Just curious

[thumbup Sure hope Wheeler gets the message


What did elk ever do to the protesters?

Was it burned and destroyed because they could?

I would call it all childish if it weren't so pathetic and completely destructive costing raising amounts of money.

William R

How sad,, gawd, what if it was a white elk statue?


I loved that elk. Definitely made me happy to see it every time I was downtown.

61 plus years ago i was born and raised here.

Been here all my life and unfortunately I won't be visiting or spending my money there anymore.

Thanks Ted you are doing a wonderful job as ... What was your job?

William R

I stopped going TO Portland when ICU Skate stopped skate night at the Memorial Coliseum, I drive thru Portland, not to anymore. Bestus Regardus


Stop blaming everything on the left....there are people from every political side out there doing this at this point. I am downtown, I have seen it all.


You are mistaken. 99% democrats 1% who knows...


LOL only one group is coming together every night to spray graffiti and destroy downtown businesses. You're so pathetic.


Cite your source that the leftist are not the majority of the rioters damaging capitalist businesses and public property?


What a lame attempt at a troll.


So what if the statue falls on one of those who set it on fire?

Just curious

they're afraid of lawsuits.

Eliza Cassan

The protesters are turning the town into trash and cinders and the mayor and council could not be happier


What does an Elk have to do with racism? How can this happen without Police not seeing it going on is beyond me. This is costing everybody money in one way or another.


The elk does not have anything to do with racism. This group who is vandalizing everything is doing it for no reason other than to be disruptive. This has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter....just people looking to be reckless. It is a shame.

pb sir

Way to go, Ted... Why are you allowing these hoodlums to "block the streets" anyway? Just continue to turn your back on these people (hoping they will just go away), but don't be surprised when they start to burn down the rest of your city. bqackWhy don't you just continue to turn your back


The idiocy of the left is only exceeded by their body odor.


The beautification of Potland continues...Ted’s legacy to us all!

Just curious

If you don't like Teddy then vote him out.

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