VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - Vancouver police are investigating after a homeowner shot and killed a suspect during a break-in.

Police said a suspect broke into an occupied home in the 6000 block of Southeast Beach Drive at around 10:20 p.m.

The homeowner confronted the suspect with a firearm and shot him, according to police.

The homeowner and his family were not injured during the incident.

Investigators said the suspect had kicked open a rear door of the home to gain entry and charged toward the homeowner, who fired his gun at the suspect. 

The suspect went out the back door after being shot and collapsed outside the back of the home. 

The suspect, who has not been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Major Crimes Unit has responded and the investigation is ongoing.

"Last night at 10:30 an officer came to the door, woke my wife up. She came to the door and said someone got shot," neighbor Chris Granroth told FOX 12. 

No other details have been released.

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(16) comments


Wish things weren't this way. All these comments.....

Rest in peace neph

He didnt deserve to have his life taken at 19 yrs old and nobody knows his side of the story and we never will[sad][crying]


Liberals are declaring war and they won't like the outcome.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!


Great work if the story is in fact correct. Dead men don't get to make statements. Await the forensics... It sounds bizarre that someone would break a gate down and charge the owner by himself.


If the dead guy was on drugs, anything is possible. On the plus side, he won't ever do it again.


That person's actions may have saved his family's life. I don't think he has to be worried about being robbed anytime soon. That robber deserved everything they got.


He really didnt. This is only 1 side of the story that we know and we'll never know the other side because of a pathetic action like this.

Just curious

We, in Oregon won't be able to do this once the Oregon "Lock-Up Your Guns" law passes in the state legislature body we'll be dead before we can get our gun unlocked..The Oregon Representatives and Senators are to chicken to send the law to the Oregon people to vote on it because they know the people will vote it down, we want the second amendment to protect us. The second amendment states: "Not to be amended". Amended means to break, or weaken. To break and weaken the second amendment is what the Oregon gun law will do to us law abiding citizens.


This just in...

The suspected intruder will never break into someone else's home again...


Way to protect your home and family. No one has the right to break into your house so they pay the price. I hope KPTV doesn't waste their time interviewing the dead persons family so we don't have to hear what a great person they were and how they had turned their life around. Obviously they were not a good person and now one less criminal is on the streets.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Urban renewal.

Frederick Fukov

Thank you second amendment. Of course, the typical lib response will be "the home owner should be charged with manslaughter." He should have held the suspect at gunpoint and waited for the police.


His family is safe because of the second amendment. Breaking into somebody else's house is a dangerous hobby.


That is the feel good story of the day, so far.



Frederick Fukov

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..obviously, I don't do LOLs

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