Stolen car

Portland Police Bureau

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Portland Police Bureau is investigating a string of crimes that were likely committed by the same group of people in southeast Portland.

PPB said their 911 dispatch received multiple people who reported a series of robberies, thefts and vandalism between the hours of 3:05 p.m. and 7:34 p.m. on Monday in four different southeast Portland neighborhoods. The suspect descriptions, actions and locations were all similar that police believe the same group of suspects committed other similar crimes over several days.

Police released the following timeline:

  • At approximately 3:05 p.m., the group entered a convenience store in the 9100 block of Southeast Division Street, spread out, stole items, and pushed an employee as they ran out.
  • At about 3:22 p.m., the group entered a restaurant in the 8700 block of Southeast Division, yelled at the staff to create a diversion while a person in the group stole the tip jar. The group left shortly after.
  • About 3:46 p.m., the group entered a salon in the 8200 block of Southeast Division Street and began throwing products from the shelves and tables tops to the floor. Some in the group went into the employees-only areas and stole property. At least one individual attempted to steal a purse from a customer before leaving with the group.
  • At about 4:15 p.m., the group surrounded a person parking their car in the 2700 block of 82nd Avenue and demanded money. One person from the group stole property from inside the car before they all ran off.
  • At about 4:50 p.m., the group surrounded a car as it drove into a parking lot in the 5200 block of Southeast 82nd Avenue. The driver stopped, and one of the individuals opened the driver's door and pulled the driver out. The group got in and drove off with the car.
  • At about 7:34 p.m., the group was driving the stolen car in the area of Southeast 86th Avenue and Southeast Bush Street. They blocked the path of another car, causing it to stop. The group tried to get into the car, but the driver was able to drive off.
Suspects running

Portland Police Bureau

The suspects were described as one Black female and four Black males ranging from mid to late teens. Police said it's unclear if they were in any way bias crimes.

Investigators said they believe there may have been more victims who have not called in to make a report. Anyone with information can contact Detective Jeff Sharp at or Detective Bob Boylan at

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(15) comments


Thanks to Hardesty and our mayor black gang members have a free reign in Portland and if unless this gets curbed this will only get much worse !

The BLM movement really made them invincible to law enforcement


This apears to be the same group that hit up my store on 112th and Powell, Friday 14th around 10:45p.

Boy with white clog style shoes came behind the counter to grab tabacco products.

Girl soaked me with the mop. She also threw down and broke open an 18pk of beer and broke it open after a customer intervened and stopped her escape. She also threw and armful of single serve chips at the same customer.

After they left my store the group jumped and physically assulted my customer who tried to help me out.

Was informed by two officers that the were likely the same group that hit another store up the road. Shot a confetti gun at the clerk there.

Seems like they're far from done. Hopefully they get apprehended soon.


I'm so happy I live in Vancouver WA after living in PDX for 52 years.


No surprise there.

Lexx Luthor

Read the Oregonian for today, Weds. It covers this 'incident' and also a 'new survey"re crime, gangs, defunding et al...... But take your barf bag and T.P. to wipe with.... reason? ... you are going to leak outrage at the quote by all involved.... about 30% of those survey still want defunded $$ and even MORE police gone from the work force. W.C. Fields was prescient : "... never smarten up a chump(Portland voters).... leave 'em that way"!

Lexx Luthor

FACTOID: ..... black huh....'bout time this media outlet simply made this TRUTHFUL fact known instead of slyly leaving this particular identifier.... just saying Until recenlty I thought that any bad guy in that part of Portland, who commits a crime, was simply invisible... and that his or her SHADOW was at fault...anything but the cold hard facts ...


No comment lol just another day in the city of trash.

Delta Bravo

Same group of suspects. You might even call it a gang.


BLM here we go. They are all probably really nice kids though. NOT!! Portland the new dumpster of the states. Good job voters!

Eliza Cassan

gangs roaming free and no one cares, in fact if and when they are arrested they'll probably be riots in their favor


They stole my BLM sign. I guess they wanted one in their own yard. I’m going to complain on nextdoor🤡


These are the supporters of de-funding the police!


Welcome to Detroit, you liberals who voted that worthless Ted Wheeler into office again are the people responsible for the toilet now known as PORTLAND,OREGON.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever offense. I'm certainly no Ted Wheeler fan, in fact, on my Arts Tax check, in the notes I wrote "for Ted and Sam's nuptials," but if we didn't vote for Ted, we'd have Sarah Iannarone in City Hall right now. You might not be able to imagine anyone worse than Ted, but she mos def is.


You voted for him and complain about him? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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