Police investigating shooting at SE Portland strip club

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – An investigation is underway after a person was shot at a southeast Portland strip club early Friday morning.

Portland police responded around 2:20 a.m. to a reported shooting at Shimmers Gentlemen’s Club, located at 8000 Southeast Foster Road. At the scene, officers learned a shooting had taken place inside the strip club and the incident then spilled out into the parking lot. Evidence of gunfire was found in the club, in the parking lot and down the street, according to police. FOX 12 was told officers found bullet homes in a home across the street from the club. 

A man at the club was shot in the leg, an injury that was described as non-life-threatening, and taken to a hospital. The victim has not been identified. No other injuries were reported. Police have not made any arrests and did not release any information about any suspects. 

FOX 12 spoke with witnesses at the club who said the first shots were fired about 2:15 a.m. as they were getting ready to close the club. According to witnesses, there were about 40 people in the club at the time when a woman took a gun out of her bra and fired two shots into a bathroom door while many were inside. After that, people scattered and a shootout continued outside in the parking lot with the woman still firing her gun and at least one other person shooting a gun as well. Bullets were sprayed all over the place, witnesses said. 

FOX 12 was told the club’s bartender and dancers hid, scared for their lives. Some of the dancers quit on the spot. 

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(7) comments


"when a woman took a gun out of her bra and fired two shots"

I guess she was packing a real pair of 38s.


Gentlemen, and ladies, ready! - Aim - Fire when ready. :)

Reverend Charles

Gawd where do we start with this one? For one, look at the time? After 2:00am? I wonder how many in the club were staying awake with artificial stimulants? And I love how they call this a "gentleman's club." Yeah, lot of real gentleman hanging out at Shimmers at 2:00am +. And how is it that if it's a "gentleman's club," that "gentlemen" are the only ones who get patted down for weapons? That's a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen right there. If it were the other way around, and only women got patted down, how long would that fly before one of the Kafourys filed a lawsuit. And now you have some swayhoo pulling a heater out of her bra? Portland has turned into the wild west. I'm glad I no longer waste my time going to any of those places. What a sickness that is in Portland. And Portland has become known for this because of the liberal interpretation of the first amendment when it comes to "freedom of expression." This state is so jacked up when it comes to their selective enforcement of the laws and the constitution.

Lee Smith

And people wonder why I want my CHL honored at all open businesses. After my training as an armed guard I got my CHL and from my understanding I got more and better training as an armed guard than what is given at the CHL classes.

Reverend Charles

I will not go into any location that does not honor my constitutional right to protect myself. Gun free zones send a message to a would be shooter, that there is no one at that location that can stop them. Oregon needs to ask Texas how it's done.


Just wow!


Amazing how socially responsible and caring blue city residents are.

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