A couple in Kelso haven't been able to sleep the last few nights after they say their home was invaded by masked men. Police confirmed this was one of two home invasions that happened within hours of each other.

Alex Salzman and his wife Heather will never forget the 3 a.m. wake up call they received on October 28.

"I pulled back the window just like I did with you a minute ago and discovered it was a woman that I didn't know," said Alex.

The woman at the door told Alex and his wife someone tried to rape her and she needed help.

"He clothes looked like they had been shredded. She just really looked like she was in trouble."

The couple then let her inside their home where she made a few phone calls, and within minutes, things took a drastic turn when another woman came to the door.

"She came right to her friend and she was asking 'hey, what happened, are you OK,' and literally second after that is when two masked me came into the house, barged into the house."

According to Alex, one of the men was holding something that looked like a crow bar. He said they were looking for someone named Michael who owed them $10,000 and they weren't leaving until they got it.

"I was in reach of knives and I really wanted to reach out for them but again, same thought went through my mind, my wife is pregnant and everyone who knows us doesn't know that yet so I didn't want them to find out."

It wasn't until the men noticed Alex's wallet on a book shelf and opened it up to find his license. They took one look at it when they realized they had the wrong house, but they didn't get away empty handed.

"They got the phones and immediately after that they were gone."

Just a short distance away, about five hours later, another home invasion took place. Heather Delagasse says she was outside waiting to get her kids on the bus when she saw a group of people approach a house.

"There was three people, a male and two females, that just ran up into the house and about ten minutes later the owner of the house ran out and someone called the cops, and he was all covered in blood," said Delagasse.

Police said the three people broke into the home and stormed in to find a couple lying in bed with their 3-year-old. Suddenly a man with a similar tool used in the first home invasion started beating them.

One of the homeowners, a male, had to be flown by helicopter to a local hospital with head injuries.

Police confirmed both invasions were connected after two of the women in the ruse confessed. Police are still looking for the masked men.

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