HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV) – Police are searching for FOX 12’s Most Wanted, who went inside a Hillsboro woman’s apartment while she was sleeping, molested her and then took off.

Shannon Wiley says she’s still processing it all but that right now she has two messages to share: one to her attacker that she’s not afraid, and one to the community that she wants everyone to be alert and aware after what happened to her.

“I had a long day, so I was just like OK, I’m going to go to bed early,” Wiley said.

Around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Wiley was already asleep in her apartment on Southeast Edgeway in Hillsboro when she says she heard someone come through the porch balcony and open the unlocked door.

She figured it was her boyfriend who sometimes comes in that way and she fell back to sleep.

“I felt somebody lay in bed with me and I still at this point thought it was my boyfriend, so I kind of cuddled up to them,” Wiley said. “They had like, groped me and were like, trying to have sex with me and I thought it was my boyfriend and I was like, ‘Oh babe, I’m too tired, I’m too tired. I just want to sleep.’”

She says that’s when the person went to the bathroom and then left, so she called her boyfriend to see why he would do that.

“I was like, ‘Hey, were you just here?’ And he’s like, ‘No, no, I wasn’t.’ I’m like, ‘Are you sure you’re not pulling a prank on me, like this isn’t a joke?’ And he’s like, ‘No, you need to call 911 right now,’” Wile said. “I felt like instantly just sick to my stomach.”

She says she isn’t sure who it may have been. Hillsboro police are trying to figure that out too.

Without a suspect description, police are hoping – since this can be a busy area with the transit center nearby – that someone may have seen or heard something.

Now Wiley says she wants others to be aware and for whoever it was to know she won’t be living in fear.

“Yeah, it kind of spooked me, but I also want them to know I’m not afraid, other women aren’t afraid,” she said.

Hillsboro police ask anyone with information to call their non-emergency line. They also want to remind people as the weather gets warmer to be safe with windows and doors, locking them or if they’re open, using a dowel to prevent them from opening fully.

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(3) comments

Just curious

[scared]Did the police treat this like a crime scene and take finger prints where the intruder entered the house, apartment? Did the do a rape kit? It sure sounds like they dropped the ball.

Frederick Fukov

Ok..first of all Shannon..you're an idiot for leaving your screen door and/or sliding glass door unlocked, and without a bar or stick in the slider to keep it from being jimmied and opened. Next, you couldn't tell it wasn't your boyfriend? Then you call your boyfriend and asked him why he come into your bed..tried to have sx with you, went to the bathroom, and left? This just keeps getting better. This story even has the old "oh baby..I'm just too tired." Now pretty much all of us guys can related to that. I wonder what the molester thought. At least he was a nice molester, and when he got the old "married guy treatment," he just went into the bathroom..serviced himself and left. That's hilarious. I would NEVER have put my name to this story, and something tells me Shannon's gonna be looking for a new boyfriend pretty soon. I mean, if I were her b/f, and she called me asking what she did, and I discovered what I did..I'm pretty sure I'd be like.."Yeah..well..good luck with that, and it's been nice knowin' ya."

Just curious

[scared]Great scenario, but maybe her bf lied to her maybe he wanted to see how she would react with another male.

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