Police made 13 arrests as a "Not My President's Day" protest unfolded in downtown Portland on Monday.

Similar rallies were taking place across the country on Monday. By noon, the Portland Police Bureau reported that arrests had been made in the area of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Madison Street.

Protesters were told not to block the roadway and return to the sidewalk or face arrest. Police said "limited deployments" of pepper spray were used, as well as "less-than-lethal munitions," in response to the actions of some of the protesters.

Six juveniles and seven adults were arrested. They were each cited for failing to obey a police officer. The adults were also arrested on the charge of second-degree disorderly conduct.

They were identified Monday night as:

Margaret Ann Zebroski, 66; Heather Grace White, 42; David Johnathan Carlson, 31; Charles Ernest Stubbs, 38; Lucy Elizabeth Smith, 34; Rebecca Smith-White, 33; "John Doe," 37.

Police said "John Doe" also faces charges of resisting arrest and furnishing false information to police. Officers said he identified himself as Quanice Hayes, the 17-year-old shot and killed by police in Portland after an armed robbery earlier this month.

Protest arrest. #fox12 pic.twitter.com/BsniDPn3lV— Marilyn Deutsch (@marilyndeutsch) February 20, 2017

There appeared to be around 200 people gathered for the initial protest downtown.

Organizers with Don't Shoot Portland said they were "fighting misogyny and the extreme patriarchy" of President Donald Trump and his administration.

"Trump and his administration are scary. They should scare all of us. They have an agenda and it's not the people's agenda, it's his own agenda and it's frightening," said protester Robin Anderson.

At least one person attended the rally to protest the Trump protesters.

"These guys need to get through the stages of grief and accept that Donald J. Trump is their president now," said Sam Hyde, wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

Hundreds of people also gathered for a separate, permitted rally at Director Park. Police said there were rolling street closures associated with that rally, but no problems or arrests.

PD told me the group here at Director Park does have a permit to march. Several motor bike cops here to escort their march following rally. pic.twitter.com/TjSRJIc8WO— John Hendricks (@JohnKPTV) February 20, 2017
Quite a few kids and families in this group marching in the streets. pic.twitter.com/9naPIIOo6K— John Hendricks (@JohnKPTV) February 20, 2017

“I’ve never been very political but this just kind of brings it out,” Dennis Bonnono said. “We just want fairness, you know, I would love to see the guy...give him a chance but the way he has been lying it has just been kind of ridiculous.”

Bonnono was one of hundreds who gathered at the park. After hearing from several speakers they took to the streets for a permitted march through downtown.

“I’m very happy I made the choice to come down here,” marcher Michelle Applegate said.

Applegate brought her kids down to the march to show support for her husband who she says immigrated to the United States.

“So they can also see that we need to stick up for our rights and our freedom, and just so they can see what is right and do it peacefully,” Applegate said.

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