ASTORIA, OR (KPTV) – An Astoria police officer saved a baby from a burning home on Friday, but the police chief says because of the officer’s humility and an email from a grateful citizen, the department and the community are just now finding out about it Monday. 

Smoke coming from a house fire stopped Christine Lawler on her way to the store Friday morning.

She pulled over on Marine Drive in Astoria to help. A bicyclist had already alerted the family, and she started hearing the mom’s voice outside.

“I think she was in shock and said, ‘Oh my gosh, my baby is still inside in the swing’ and I just started running for the door with every intention to go in and look for this baby,” Lawler said. “I opened the door, put my hoodie over my nose and was ready to go in and out he comes.”

The police chief says it was Officer Jason Robinson who had arrived ahead of the fire department, ran into the smoke, and came out with the baby in his arms.

“In all likelihood at the bare minimum, he prevented that small child from suffering from additional smoke inhalation, not to mention the possibility of saving a life, so I think that his actions are very commendable and heroic at the same time,” said Astoria Police Chief Geoff Spalding.

The chief says Robinson documented the event in the police report as he’s obligated to, but beyond that, didn’t say a word.

He only found out about it because Lawler sent the department an email.

“I felt like it needed to be known… It just was a reminder of even though there’s a lot of tragedy, especially these days, selfless acts still do occur and people still service the community, especially the law enforcement team,” Lawler said. “Officer Robinson probably won’t think he deserves any of this, but he really does, and all of law enforcement and fire definitely deserve recognition that they still put their life on the line every single day.”

Firefighters were able to get that fire under control within 10 minutes. They say it was caused accidentally and the home didn’t have any working smoke alarms.

According to the fire department, the baby and two other family members were taken to the hospital to be evaluated but were then released, and everyone is doing OK.

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Our unsung heroes (police officers) SAVE far more lives than certain people would have others believe. Blue Lives Matter!!!!

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