PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Multiple people were hit by a driver in southeast Portland on Monday, according to police, and one of the victims died at the hospital.

Emergency crews responded to the area of Southeast 19th Avenue and Stark Street around 1 p.m. Firefighters initially said one pedestrian was hit, with more injuries possible.

Portland Fire & Rescue later reported that one person had been hit and critically injured, while as many as six others were also hit and sustained less-severe injuries.

Police: People hit by driver in SE Portland; crime scenes span multiple blocks

Image from one of the scenes in southeast Portland where a pedestrian was hit by a driver. (KPTV)

Police said multiple people were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Police said one person did die at the hospital, and five others are expected to recover.

The Portland Police Bureau received calls that a driver struck pedestrians and vehicles from Southeast 33rd Avenue to Southeast 13th Avenue near Stark Street.

Police said there were multiple crime scenes.

Police at one of the scenes confirmed to FOX 12 that a bicyclist had been struck and dragged by a car.

One witness says she was at SE Belmont St. and SE 20th Ave. when the suspect drove onto the sidewalk in a seemingly intentional way, just before police say a cyclist was hit.

“I heard a noise and that’s what made me look over it wasn’t an accident like glass or metal but he had gone up on the sidewalk and hit the Belmont collective sandwich board in an attempt to hit the guy on his bike which he did,” Lori Geske said.

Another witness was on her afternoon run in Laurelhurst Park when the commotion started. She saw a car moving fast about 10 feet behind her and she had to run up an embankment to escape the vehicle.

“I felt sort of foolish like maybe I was overreacting because you really don’t expect a car to ever try to hit you ya know but later on when I heard about what happened I was really glad I ran up that embankment,” Teresa Bergen said.

A witness told FOX 12 he helped surround the suspect to prevent him from escaping before police arrived.

Video from Johnathan Rendon showed police tackling the suspect.

Officers said the suspect was taken into custody and his information will be released at a later time.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Detective Joseph Corona at 503-823-0508 or Joseph.Corona@portlandoregon.gov or Detective Anthony Merrill at 503-823-4033 or Anthony.Merrill@portlandoregon.gov and reference case #21-22752.

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(11) comments


Not that I needed another reason to NOT go to Portland. You're not safe even on the sidewalk.


Another mentally ill person out in public. With all the people acting out this past year it is no surprise that another Portland lunatic goes out to the street to kill or destroy. For the last year people have been injuring, destroying property and general mayhem with little or no consequences. This will continue it the result of impotent leadership.


Portland wanted Biden and legal drugs so Enjoy.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Clearly the video shows another case of excessive force / police brutality. There needs to be a protest march and a random occupy of some government building. Oh wait, the suspect was white. Never mind.


How about telling us what set him or her off? The back story.


That likely is still being determined...


Not that many people are out these days. Mainly are either home or driving, not out on streets. So what are the chances that driver could find that many to hit? As usual we are getting less and less objective media. The woman was likely standing in the street, figuring it was her right to stop him, a stranger.

What the single-minded media today don't show is two sides of any story. Why were the people out in the street? Answer (99% unless more video disproves) this was another Antifa riot. I mean ... peaceful demonstration ... blocking cars from driving down the street. Driver was probably about to be assaulted, so panicked. We've seen that a lot lately. Probably most in said crowd had been conditioned by their single-parent mother (no male-cold-rational role model) to believe that everyone is a victim, so go ... "make a statement", E.G. BLM, Antifa, Jihaddists, ec.

Major point: for years the media has a policy of setting people against anyone who does not help empower far-left politics. You know, people who like the Orange Man.


Three hots, a cot, a Covid vaccine and a big screen TV at taxpayer expense.


Welcome to Potland, there is something for everyone!

pb sir

Since we have fewer and fewer Police Officers patrolling the streets in Portland, anymore, I wonder if the suspect driver got away, or if they have the driver in custody... this almost sounds like an intentional act, but we'll have to wait and see...

Just curious

The answer to your question ts in the article. Yes they got the suspect.

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