William James Kennedy

William James Kennedy, booking photo. 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A homeowner held a suspected burglar at gunpoint Monday night while officers rushed to the scene, according to Portland police.

The homeowner fired two shots after they found the suspect, William James Kennedy, 50, hiding in their garage in the 8000 block of Southeast Francis Street just before 10 p.m. holding a machete, according to police. The suspect cooperated with the homeowner until police arrived, according to law enforcement. No one was hurt.

Kennedy was lodged at the Multnomah County Jail and was arraigned Tuesday on charges including criminal trespassing 2 and menacing.

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(3) comments


FINALLY a story about the good guy using his gun (tool) to protect himself, his family and the rest of us.

Please note two things;

1) He was able to determine that deadly force was not necessary, this time (thank goodness), as killing anyone, even a bad guy, will mess-up your life too, possibly forever, and

2) He had to call the police and wait.....(and wait) for them to arrive because the cops didn't happen to be where this crime was occurring at that moment. So thank goodness again that he had a gun (the right tool) and was able and willing to use it in just the right way.

Bad guys have issues and probably family too. They probably don't have a death wish and, unless they are threatening someone's life, are not worth killing and messing up your life because you made the wrong assessment.

During these frequent times of mass hate killings, its easy to get angry at these fools and want to lash out at all bad actors, but that's wrong too. This gun owner made the perfect decision by not shooting first and figuring out if that was okay later in court.

Learn the gun laws and know when to use deadly force. Know your tools and how & when to use them. Practice the right decisions over in your head, then do the right thing - and make all gun owners and non-gun believers proud and relieved that you PROPERLY took a bad guy off the street.


The homeowner need more time at the range to improve his shooting skills. Wasting ammunition is a crime


He should have been shot on sight. Portlanders and Oregonians have every right to defend their homes and families. An intruder with a weapon is nothing to second-guess and this man should have been shot the second he was found with a machete in someone's home.

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