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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Dozens of protesters took to the streets of north Portland Tuesday night, and some of them were destructive, police said.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, around 9 p.m. about 50 people who had gathered at Peninsula Park blocked streets as they moved to the area of the North Precinct, near Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Northeast Killingsworth Street.

People in the crowd were seen wearing gas masks and carrying shields. Once the group reached the precinct building, chants of “burn it down” were heard.

Police said fires were lit in two dumpsters.

According to PPB, some crowd members threw bottles at officers and police cars and moved barricades that had been placed in the road near Northeast 6th Avenue and Northeast Killingsworth Street.

Officers were called from across Portland to respond to the protest activity and “try to prevent violence and destruction to this precinct, people who work there, and the surrounding neighborhood,” PPB said.

The crowd was told to stay off precinct property.

PPB said many people gathered along Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and blocked traffic between Northeast Emerson Street and Northeast Killingsworth Street. Some placed burning material and barricades in the streets, blocking all traffic lanes of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Individuals sprayed graffiti on public and private buildings along the street. As they did, PPB said officers remained away, near the precinct parking lot, “in order to allow people to protest then disperse.”

During the protest activity, police said traffic in the area was light but steady. Since Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was blocked, drivers could not get through.

According to PPB, dozens of people began gathering on the northeast corner of the precinct building and some pulled down a fence there. Officers replaced the fence, but crowd members removed it again.

Protesters were once again told stay off precinct property. Police said officers were met with objects thrown at them and the crowd remained in the area.

Officers approached the crowd after waiting 15 minutes after the announcements, PPB said.

During dispersal efforts, police said most of the group left but then gathered again at the northeast corner of the precinct.

Police remained on the precinct property and told the crowd that trespassing is a crime and any who entered precinct property would face possible arrest and/or use of force, up to and including the use of tear gas. Despite the orders, police said dozens of people remained in place, chanting and yelling.

Police remained back on the precinct property for about half an hour, but PPB said individuals continued trespassing. PPB said officers approached the crowd and most of them fled west then north. Police then followed for several blocks to encourage people to continue moving out of the area.

As the crowd dispersed, police said members threw glass bottles and paint at officers. At least one person “deployed spikes,” PPB said, which damaged police vehicle tires.

During protest activity, some people destroyed security cameras at the precinct and tore electrical wires from the building.

PPB said some arrests were made Tuesday night, but officers did not use munitions or tear gas when engaging with the crowd.

A FOX 12 crew witnessed three arrests.

According to PPB, Portland Fire & Rescue responded to put out the dumpster fires. Debris was then cleared from the streets by police and traffic could access Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard by 11:42 p.m.

On Wednesday morning, Portland police said two people were arrested and cited. They were identified as Sean Bascom, 34, and Milton Waldrom, 24. They both face charges of trespassing and interfering with a peace officer. 

Police said two others were arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. They were identified as Adam Lindsay, 27, and Jeffrey Alo Stone, 51. 

Lindsay faces charges of trespassing and interfering with a peace officer while Stone faces charges of second-degree disorderly conduct and five counts of second-degree attempted criminal mischief. 

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(17) comments


Call Biden to send in the troops like they did in D.C. :)


Another day, another building antifa tries to burn down.

Woke Eyesaidsir

The media has: 1.)) picked sides.. 2.)) has chosen to call them "protesters" to laughingly suggest that they have some manner of just cause 3.)) specifically honor BLM by capitalizing the 'b" in Black and not the "w"int White == in doing all this the media is better able to get away with characterizing ALL White Americnas as "racists" wether they are or are not.... that all white people are White Privleged... and practice((like a doctor or lawyer)) "systemic racism"


We must be brothers! You're so right about 1) The Media , 2) Not calling them rioters 3) Capitalizing one race versus others as if that race is special or something


Why are we not finding out the names of these hoodlums and what they are charged with ? Is it because the DA does not want us to know when he releases them ?


Because this is a catch and release exercise for rioters

Tyrell Higgs

Just thought of something else, the timing of these recent protests, coincidence they happen just around the stimulus checks? These people have been waiting for their riot funds

Tyrell Higgs

Chanting 'burn it down' is not a protest, it's a terrorist threat. All of these people should be in jail.


Ah yes but NOT in Portland! Spineless Wheeler and Catch and Release Schmidt won't hear of it

pb sir

So, something relatively minor happens in Wisconsin, and the rioters just have to tear things up here in Portland... makes total sense to me... spineless Ted and "I hate the police" Hardesty have given these folks free rein of the city... so, why not?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Uhh..not to get all technical on ya..but that would be "free reign," as in the royal reign, and not rein, as to pulling back the reins (noun) or to rein in someone (verb.)

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

"Protesters?" Protesting WHAT? Why do those in the media insist on continuing to call these sub-humans "protesters?" They're not protesters. They are nothing but terrorists, in every sense of the word. They are lawbreaking criminals, and every single one of 'em should be locked up for years for what they've been doing to this city. Protesting has ZERO to do with what this group of anti-america losers has been doing. They're disgusting, despicable, pathetic, and they're an embarrassment to not only Portland, but to the entire human race.


Dear KPTV, Will you please stop calling these people "protestors?" They're not protesting anything. They are anarchists. They are there to do nothing but foment hatred and chaos. Let the police do their jobs and dispose of these idiots with extreme prejudice.


They are afraid of becoming a target.


KPTV supports these clowns and their antics. KPTV doesn't care about tax paying public


Where is Mayor "Get Tough [Spineless]" Wheeler during this riot? And what about Mult Co DA "Catch Em' and Release" Schmidt? Partying with "I Hate the POlice" Hardesty at the Casino?


Protesters don't cause damage, but roaming mobs of vandals do, when they are not stopped by the Mayor and city council, that tie the hands of the police, creating more victims, struggling to stay in business.

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