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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Groups of protesters surrounded officers who were responding to a man with a knife in a mental health crisis in downtown Portland, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Officers were called out to the 300 block of Southwest 4th Avenue at 1 p.m. Friday.

Witnesses said a man jumped out of a building’s second story window, pulled out a knife and began waving it around at people and passing cars.

The 30-year-old man displayed the knife to officers who arrived at the scene.

Police said they learned the man is schizophrenic and extremely paranoid, and could be a threat to himself or others.

Officers said they did not rush in, but slowed down, kept their distance and “exercised patience and de-escalation.”

Negotiations lasted for 90 minutes, before two separate crowds of protesters began showing up to the north and the south of the scene, according to police.

Officers said some in the crowd began chanting, and at least one person had a bullhorn.

According to PPB:

  • The extra noise and distraction made it impossible for the specially trained officers to speak to the man.
  • Officers implored the crowd to stop interfering, but their energy only increased.
  • Even when the suicidal man's mother arrived and begged the crowd to stop, most in the crowd continued.
  • Some in the crowd began threatening the officers.

A supervisor requested resources citywide, and all available officers responded from north and east precincts. PPB reported that this caused a major resource drain citywide and all but the highest priority calls had to wait. The officers at the scene donned helmets and face shields to protect themselves as they stood in front of the “hostile crowd,” according to PPB.

The officers consulted with the Crisis Negotiation Team, and after more than three hours of negotiations, the incident commander set in motion a plan to take the man into custody. A K-9 unit was used to divert his attention with barking, so officers could safely approach the man.

A Taser was used to prevent the man from using his knife, according to police, and he was taken into custody and then taken to the hospital by ambulance. The man had punctures from the Taser probes, but officers said he was otherwise uninjured.

Police said the only force used against the protesters was “some pushing to keep them back and out of the street.”

Police said help is available for people struggling with mental health:

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(13) comments


That's why people stay away from downtown and business is bad. It's a rathole full of democrats and their assorted goofy followers.

Woke Eyesaidsir

For all those who called 911 and were forced to fend for themselves for the HOURS that were "re-imagined" as their being safe, when they weren't.... this should be be their impetus to FINALLY start that recall. Send Ted and Joan's posse where Cal. Gov Newsome is going ... the signatures on that recall are almost at the 1.5 million needed to activate their recall.

Portland == Thunderdome !


Just another day in beautiful downtown Portland where the crazy people roam!


"I Hate the POlice" Hardesty must be so happy!


"Police said help is available for people struggling with mental health:" Since almost every liberal has mental health issues, because there are so many, it will be impossible to do anything for them.


Exactly, that brain dead moron with the bullhorn should be in jail. It appears Portland is full of BDMs. One of several reasons I NEVER venture forth into the belly of the beast...I feel sorry for the businesses, but I can't help the fact the elected officials are also BDMs...


Where is the video? :)

Maddog 10

What happened to sending out mental health people to take care of it instead of the police.

pb sir

So, the police are doing what the community and the public (in Portland) want them to do in these situations (don't shoot, de-escalate, talk, etc.) and yet the Officers still have to put up with this vile behavior from so-called "protesters." Who are these people, anyway? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that yelling through a bullhorn is going to interfere with the conversation that the police are trying to have with this person with the knife... What are you really trying to do here, folks?


They should have just sent the crazy guy with the knife into the ranks of the protestors. Let him slice away.


That wasn't peaceable assembly. They should have arrested the person with the bullhorn.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

were the police not doing exactly what the protestors want? Talk and deal peacefully with a mentally ill person? What was their message this time, for the police to leave and the guy to off himself? These 'protestors' have zero message, zero intelligence, and zero reason to be on this earth


All they really want is to destroy capitalism and stir up the useful idiots.

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