A sex abuse suspect is accused of handing out homemade drugs at raves, spiking drinks with substances to make women pass out and injecting them with chemicals that cause hallucinations without their knowledge.

Marlin Pohlman, 43, was arrested at Portland International Airport at 12:20 a.m. Wednesday after returning from a trip to Thailand.

Detectives said he drugged at least four local women since late 2011.

According to court documents, the first alleged victim told police she met Pohlman at a rave party, where he was providing people with free drugs, specifically ecstasy and nitrous oxide.

The woman said she later attended another party and Pohlman gave her a can of soda. She drank it, but thought it tasted funny.

Detectives said the woman felt dizzy and could not keep her eyes open. She then recalls being on a couch and Pohlman covering her with a blanket.

Court documents allege he then picked her up, carried her outside and put her into the backseat of his car. The woman said Pohlman took her to a building she wasn't familiar with, took off her clothes and sexually assaulted her.

The woman told police she tried to fight, but had difficulty speaking and felt physically paralyzed. She said Pohlman told her if she screamed, he would put duct tape on her mouth.

The woman said she did not report the incident right away out of embarrassment.

More alleged victims

A woman hired by Pohlman to clean his home said she agreed to do nitrous with him in November 2012.

The woman told detectives she had done it before, but in this case it tasted unusual, she felt very sick and blacked out several times .

The woman said Pohlman kissed her, but her memory of that day is fragmented and she doesn't know what else happened.

A third alleged victim said she had met Pohlman at social settings and saw him again in December 2012 at a bar in Portland.

The woman said she had only consumed two drinks when Pohlman offered to buy her another. She said it tasted funny and made her feel very drunk.

Court documents show the woman told police she doesn't recall leaving the bar, but woke up at her home naked with Pohlman on top of her.

The woman told police she screamed at him, so he told her that he "had to take care of her, that she needed help." He then left, detectives said.

The woman said her vision was blurry for upward of four hours and she had difficulty walking for nearly six hours.

Alleged injection

A fourth alleged victim said she agreed to ingest nitrous with Pohlman in his car while they were at a party in December 2012, along with two other people.

The woman said she was in the back seat with Pohlman and the group had balloons filled with nitrous from a tank in his car.

At some point, the woman said he injected her with something. When the others in the car questioned him, Pohlman said the auto-injector was only filled with air.

The woman passed out almost instantly and was admitted to the hospital, where she was unconscious for eight to nine hours, according to police. She also suffered from a rapid heartbeat, rapid muscle contractions, mild hallucinations and blurred vision.

When the woman recovered, she told detectives Pohlman makes his own ecstasy and usually has containers of medical grade nitrous with him.

Search warrant

Portland police served a search warrant at his home on North Chase Avenue in Portland Wednesday and said his ex-wife answered the door. She said she lived there and gave officers a key to a safe in Pohlman's bedroom.

Investigators in hazmat suits said they found 24 tablets of suspected ecstasy, two tanks marked as nitrous and an auto-injector.

Pohlman was arraigned Thursday on charges including rape, kidnapping, assault and possession of a controlled substance.

His bail is set at $1.7 million. He is due back in court March 22.

Detectives said they're worried Pohlman may have additional victims. Anyone with more information is asked to call Detective Tracy Chamberlin at 503-823-0400 or tracy.chamberlin@portlandoregon.gov.

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