Police remove some fencing near Justice Center, say it has become ‘a symbol of divide’

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Police on Monday removed some of the fencing and concrete barriers near the Justice Center in downtown Portland in a move toward peaceful communication with community members and protesters.

The Justice Center has been a gathering point in recent weeks for protesters, with some interactions between officers and protesters turning tense and at times violent. On Sunday, more than a dozen people were arrested after police say some people started throwing projectiles over the fence, including glass bottles. Officers said some protesters also tried to climb the fence.

Prior to Monday afternoon, the fence blocked off the federal courthouse and 3rd Avenue from Main Street to Madison Street. Now, it has been scaled back to remain directly around the perimeter of the Justice Center.

Police said they recognize the fence has been a symbol of divide between the police and the community. The bureau said the reason they’re removing some of the fencing is to “show their willingness to have a dialogue and peaceful communication toward starting to heal the community”.

The police bureau on Monday said it remains at critical staffing levels as they continue to try to manage crowd in downtown with other calls in the city.

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(6) comments

Sun Tzu

'Police remove some fencing near Justice Center, say it has become ‘a symbol of divide’ Hope the police had the wherewithal to evacuate the building before they did this.


To clarify Im making a general statement and not a comment to this particular article.


Everything is a racial issue for some people. This generation is hopeless.


Wheeler blaming the policy for everything. I think that throwing flaming projectiles, among other things, is a pretty divisive action. This is not how a "community" acts. Most of them are not even from the "community".


These protesters are terrorists and need to be treated as such.

Eliza Cassan

Protesters are throwing projectiles and fireworks at these buildings nightly, I guess this will give them easier access to vandalize

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