Protests one month later

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Boarded up businesses sit as a reminder of the chaos that unfolded in Portland a month ago.

“This is not the Portland we know,” Rana Kassab-Daniken, President of Kassab Jewelers, said.

Police said since protests first began downtown it’s had a big effect on the bureau.

According to PPB, since May 29 they’ve responded to about 6,000 less calls for service than the last three-year average for this time.

But they say their response time to high priority calls has increased by more than four minutes. 

Priority calls like one made during the riot from Kassab Jewelers.

“For a full hour they had to themselves just in and out of the store,” she said. “They took everything. Everything.

Kassab-Daniken says her family knows firsthand what it’s like to not have police respond immediately to your call for help.

“The police normally arrive in 3-10 minutes or so,” she said. “And just to watch it continue and no one show up. It was really, really frustrating.

Rana said for more than an hour she watched on security cameras as looters and rioters broke into her family’s downtown store and stole everything they could.

“Over $2 million in damage,” she said.

She says they called police for help and even saw flashing lights drive by at times but still the looters came.

“I felt my whole body shaking. It was really personal. I mean, this business was something that my father and my mother built with sweat, blood and a lot of tears, a lot of hard work, a lot of love,” Kassab-Daniken said.

Portland police said since that night the bureau has also seen large increases in calls arson, vandalism and burglary however, reports of other serious crimes are down.

Rana said they now have their downtown location closed and worry for their safety.

“It could have been any one of us or family in the store at that time and if the police didn’t show up for a full hour, who knows what would have happened to us and that is a scary thought,” she said.

Portland police said their dispatch time is the result of a call for service sitting in the queue before an officer is available to respond.

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Yeah, I believe the rank and file cop wants to make the bust, is frustrated at the fact that often they must drive directly past one spot where a crime is in progress because they are heading to A higher priority call, where they ok now the suspect is not going to be because they were last seen "out the door", but the call they're going to is a priority 2 and the one in progress is a 4. So they gotta go. Which results in no one being apprehended at either crime. If the riots weren't happening each and every night police still wouldn't be anymore responsive to come all's for service. I'm an avid listener to my scanner and every day, for many years, I have heard supervisors directing dispatchers to only address 1s and 2s, everything else is laid aside for hours or longer. Portland needs dedicated sincere police officers who are fully equipt and trained to respond to whatever may occur in a major city . Anyone who announces they want to refund or eliminate PPB is either involved in serious criminal activity already or is intending to create opportunity for them to do so. Or they are just straight up crazy!! That is my opinion.


Isn't this what the people want? No Police? What do you expect when they are doing the best they can and all that they are allowed to do by the Mayor and Chief.

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