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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Investigators say a bicyclist ran a red light when he was hit by a driver in northeast Portland on Monday.

The cyclist was rushed to an area hospital, where he later died, according to police.

Officers at approximately 2:35 p.m. responded to the 1600 block of Northeast Multnomah Street to find the Troy Demont Calvin, 37, severely hurt and unresponsive.

The police bureau’s Major Crash Team assumed the investigation due to the severity of Calvin’s injuries. Investigators believe the Calvin ran a red light while a driver traveling east on Northeast Multnomah Street had a green light.

“Due to two vehicles waiting in the left turn lane at Northeast Multnomah Street, it was nearly impossible for the driver to see anyone running the red light southbound on Northeast 16th Avenue,” according to police.

The driver remained on scene after the crash and is coopering with investigators.

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Just FYI this collision had absolutely nothing to do with the new law recently passed. If you took the time to read and understand it, you would know that the law doesn't apply to traffic signals. And even if it did apply to signals, the law doesn't allow people to blatantly run through them. The law still requires bicycle users to stop if other road users have the right of way.

And some of you need to really ask yourselves how you can be so hateful of this dead person just because he was on a bicycle. I mean, really. Have you no souls or heart?


I read more about the disgust for Oregon's bike laws than hate for a dead person as you describe...some perhaps shown here may be victims as I am where a bicyclist has broken the law and damaged them or their vehicle and instead been charged with an offense or sued by the real offender..thanks to Oregon's perverted law and governor. So take your shaming attempt to CNN or MSNBC where your "shameless" friends are, JMaus.


The driver is very lucky he didn't get charged. The bleeding heart approach is to blame the driver every time. We can thank our outgoing sorry excuse for a governor for spitting on her citizens by declaring cyclists a privileged group who can break the law and...directly against voters' , giving ODL's to illegal squatters.


No offense to the dead but he got what he deserved. A biker was going the wrong way, on a side walk, when I was leaving the bank one day. I was watching the traffic on the left since it was a one way. Once it was clear I moved forward and ended up hitting the biker. He wanted to beat me up until he realized I was a woman and apologetic. That or he realized he's a moron like all bikers. I've never seen a day where a biker doesn't break the law, and it's fine, cuz we live in good ole' Portland, Ore gone.


One of Oregon's new Right of Way Laws for bikes works great. Good idea Kate.


Yep they made that ridiculous law for the bikes. No common sense with Oregon leadership.


'Police say cyclist ran red light in deadly NE Portland crash' Red lights are there for a reason. This person learned the ultimate lesson.

Eliza Cassan

Dead men don't learn lessons, it should be a lesson for the rest of bikers though


Another invincible bike rider dies because he didn't obey the laws. Will they ever learn? With their mentality, I doubt it.


What!!! the cyclists didn't have the right of way, something must be wrong. Let's just hope the guy doesn't test positive for the virus otherwise his death will be added to the COVID-19 daily tally.

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