PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – There have been demonstrations against racial injustice in Portland almost every night since late May.

The Portland Police Bureau says some protests are becoming more destructive. It says the demonstrations are costing millions of dollars in overtime costs.

People during a protest near Portland City Hall on Sunday climbed the building and took down security cameras. The protesters’ actions come on the heels of vandalism and violence last Thursday night, when protesters barricaded the North Precinct and lit it on fire with people inside.

Last week, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said the protests have cost the bureau $6.2 million. A spokesperson says that just accounts for overtime costs.

Lovell said in a statement last week that the bureau has attempted multiple strategies in managing groups of protesters, particularly at the Justice Center, including attempting to speak with the crowd through the fence, withdrawing officers to non-visible positions, requesting that the crowd self-manage those who are throwing items or cutting the security fencing, dispersing the crowd when an unlawful assembly or civil disturbance is declared, and making arrests to increase public safety.

A bureau spokesperson on Monday said that life, safety and protection of critical infrastructure all remain primary objectives for the bureau.

Portland police have continued to say that the bureau is stretched thin right now. A spokesperson also confirmed that there are potentially two big retirement months coming up, but its unclear how many employees may actually retire.

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(12) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

At one time, race was an excuse for gatherings and protests.

Race has not been an excuse for this for a long time. Quit saying it's about race; it's not. This is nothing but the malicious destruction of property that belongs to others. The damage is in the cost it took to create it, AFTER taxes and other expenses. IOW: it's not just the dollar figure of replacement, but the TOTAL EFFORT involved. The gross expense must be generated, not just the net. These children should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Last I heard, Multnomah County STILL has a BRAND NEW JAIL that has never been occupied because of the perfidy of our local politicians. Put our money where it should go, not to the touchy-feely spendthrift stuff presently in the budget. Our budgets should be immediately re-ordered to meet this emergency. If that means re-assigning people to being guards and janitors on the graveyard shift, do it.


City is a national embarrassment showing these losers pulling down statues and destroying and looting property.

Frederick Fukov

First of all..after well over a month of "protests," (see: continuous acts of domestic terrorism) this has nothing to do with "racial injustice." As such, the media..yes even our own beloved local FOX 12 is complicit in the enabling of these illegal violent groups. This has nothing to do with George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery. This is "actufa," as in "the actual fascists." The name "antifa," is a lie. They are the ones who are the actual fascists..the bullies, and it's sickening how our local government officials, are nothing but either cowards, or co-conspirators. There is no other way to describe them. That they continue to allow this..is disgusting. Keep it up. Even with all the blue cities and states out there, what they're insuring is a Trump landslide. No one in their right mind would vote for Biden, who can't even remember his own name now, unless it's in bold on the teleprompter. What a joke.


No matter where you live in this state, these cost incurred by not only the Police overtime but the protesters hurt us all in the form of increased Taxes, increased Insurance rates based on more claims and increased fees. It is the Government of this State and City that have allowed this crisis to continue to blame.


The mayor and all city council members should foot the bill. This is just an agenda to them . Chicago is proof black lives matter.


The good guys are portrayed as bad, and the bad guys portrayed as good. Get real folks. Don't buy into this protest excuse for decency any longer. --- There are many more bad protesters, than bad cops. Both end up in the same place.


Deploy the national guard

Recall Kate Brown


Flush Kate Brown! It's time we put an end to these terrorists.


Make the Mayor and the City Council financially responsible for the costs. They are enabling this, especially Jo Ann Hardesty.


this is what you get when you have zero leadership.


"Racial Injustice" has almost nothing to do with it.

Maybe they should try using water canons and billy clubs...


This is what you get when you reward bad behavior. I'm so glad I don't live in the cesspool anymore.

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