FOX 12's Most Wanted carved giant "X's" into at least two cars in southeast Portland late Monday night.

According to police, it happened near the Southeast Division Street and Southeast 45th Avenue. A witness told FOX 12 it was a type of vandalism he has never seen.

“I saw my neighbors car getting a big ol' X on the hood,” Nash Aalto said.

Aalto said the man's criminal behavior was followed by even more outrageous behavior.

“There was on point where he went into a door way and just started screaming," he said.

Aalto said he saw that man carve "X's" into cars and wobble down to Southeast 37th Avenue. Even though people were spilling out of the bars during that time, he had a chance to make a difference, so he followed him.

“By the time I got to Chavez the cops were driving by and they just happened to stop at a red light," said Aalto. “I described where he was going, what he was wearing, and then I just left it up to them."

His neighbor and friend, David Castillo, had his car vandalized that night. Dents and a large X were left dead center on his hood.

“That was just leverage,” Castillo said, referring to the dents.

The string of petty crimes is nothing new to them. They said over the past few months, break-ins and vandalism have only gotten worse.

“They’ll try to break into the car; I think they already tried once,” Castillo said.

The growing crime was a big reason why Aalto diverted from his normal route home, to following the man carrying sharp object and heavy hand.

Aalto said, “I just wanted to see somebody get caught.”

Aalto said the man was about 6 feet tall, wearing all black, in his mid-to-late 30's, with short dirty blond hair.

If anyone has any information, please call Portland police.

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