Police seek to ID woman seen stealing plants, shrubs, trees from SE Portland garden center

(Courtesy: Portland Police Bureau)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland police are hoping the public can help them identify a woman who they say stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a garden center.

In a Facebook post, Tony's Garden Center says the theft occurred early Saturday morning. An unidentified woman was caught on camera stealing plants, shrubs, and trees from the garden center, located at 10300 Southeast Holgate Boulevard.

Police said the suspect left in a white pickup truck, believed to be a 2005 Chevrolet, no plates, and a flat right rear tire. The suspect is believed to be a 55 to 65 year old woman, with graying hair in a ponytail.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect, or has more information about the theft, can submit a tip here.

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(12) comments


Watch out next for theft of shovel. :)


Could it be Joann Hardesty???


In California, you can steal 950 bucks worth of stuff, and not gett arrested...


It's not Karen this time.

Lexx Luthor

...no, no censors here at CH 12.... just 'comrades' Comrades is Latin for: "we will used the euphemism 'comrade' in lieu of 'Nahzee'

((Q.)) Is 'zat Hysterical Race Theory taugh in Portland Schools.... no wonder we have a gang problem that is insolvable to Mayor and Commissioners our group could give Rahm Emasculable and Lori Hotfoot a run for their $$


Faux 12 took my comment down..not surprised. I said, steal some plants, call the nation guard, burn, loot, hurt people..let it go..

another no-plated vehicle involved in a crime, it's the little things that add up, if these were taken off the street a lot of these criminals could not get around


Just pull over any white chevy pickups with a flat tire being driven by a person wearing a purple face mask. Shouldn't be that difficult.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Now now..are you suggesting that it's appropriate and politically correct for officers in Portland to..ya know..start profiling again?


At least her mask was useful for something.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Unfortunately, anyone who knows the woman, is not about to turn her in, not until you offer money for that info. Surprised that scavenger 12 even decided to post the photos, given the current political climate, because..ya know..justified individual reparations.

pb sir

Hey, it's just a "55 to 65 year old woman with graying hair in a pony tail", after all...

that should be enough to catch her... after being oppressed for over 400 years, she probably think that she deserves those plants...

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